High Roller of the Year Award announced

A year-long scoring system to win combined buy-ins worth millions begins at the end of this month.

High Roller of the Year

Super High Roller poker has firmly become the 'spectator sport' element of live poker in no small part thanks to the innovative show formats from PokerGO like the Super High Roller Bowl and the US Poker Open. 

So much so that at the end of this month, Poker Central have announced a High Roller of the Year Award and year long league system for all their high stakes events. From May 31 in the $25k ARIA High Roller Series (and after the Super High Roller Bowl), select events will carry with them league points for an annual points race.  

This will also include TV events like the US Poker Open and the Poker Masters, ending with next year's Super High Roller Bowl. 

The winner at the end of the season will receive rake-free entry into all of the following year’s high roller events, and the top five point leaders at the time of the Super High Roller Bowl lottery will receive automatic seats into that year’s event.

You can see the full breakdown of the scoring criteria below (click to enlarge). Had the rankings been in place from last year, Jake Schindler would have won the league.

high roller of the year

Is this something that would increase your interest railing these events? Let us know in the comments:

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