How Raquel won a €100,000 Spin & Go

We catch up with PokerStrategist 'ausenteee' who recently turned €10 into €100,000.

ausentee pokerstrategy spinlegends
Raquel aka 'ausenteee'

So, tell us about yourself

ausenteee: I’m a 25 years old Spanish girl, and I am an administrative technician.

How did you start playing?

ausenteee: I started playing freerolls with some girlfriends, I loved the game and I started to take it more seriously. My bankroll started increasing. As an anecdote, I've never deposited money on PokerStars.

What did you play before you joined SpinLegends?

ausenteee: I had been for playing two years, but not regularly, sometimes I played tournaments for fun.

"€10 Spins are quite soft"


Why did you decide to join SpinLegends?

ausenteee: Because my boyfriend was a student and he was very happy so I did not have to think much about it, I just submitted my application.

And how is to grind with your partner?

ausenteee: It’s awesome, he’s really supportive. I think poker has brought us even closer.

What is your opinion about the classes we have in the school?

ausenteee: They’re great, I love the new classes’ structure, because when you work several weeks on the same spot you can improve a lot.

How do you organise your day? How many hours do you invest in poker?

ausenteee: Generally I spend the afternoon studying and attending coachings. I grind from 21:00 to 4:00 am. In total 6-7 hours per day.

Right now you play €10 Spins, what do you think of the field’s level?

ausenteee: The level is low in general, there’s a lot of recs, though at specific hours when some of the guys from the school meet at the tables, it toughens up quite a lot.

"I could not stop shaking"

spin go wheel
"My heart skipped a beat when the wheel spun"

Congrats for winning €100k the other day, what did you feel when the wheel stopped spinning and you saw the prize?

ausenteee: It was so weird, my heart skipped a beat when I saw so many zeroes and then I could not stop shaking.

But once I played the first hand I calmed down and I focused as much as I could in order to be able to make the best decisions.

Any key hands in the tournament?

ausenteee: The truth is that I was really lucky, I went all-in preflop with 66 vs AK and later 66 vs QQ and, on both boards, I got a 6. You can imagine that now it’s my favourite number.

What will you do with the money?

ausenteee: Well first I will upgrade my setup… it’s about time… hahaha. I’m also planning a trip with my boyfriend to Mallorca to enjoy the beach.

Are you and your partner thinking about migrating in order to play in the .com market? If so, any place in particular?

ausenteee: That’s something I’ve always had in mind and I would love to have that experience. As for the place… I find Malta very attractive.

What are your objectives for the rest of the year?

ausenteee: My only objective is to keep improving and climbing levels with the school, I hope to establish myself on the €50s by the end of the year.

Thanks very much and good luck with the €50 Spins!

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Comments (7)

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  • rompas


    Wooo :-) nice one and well done and Congrats, keep the good work up :-)
  • rogue34


    Articles like this make me so sad, that we can´t play spins in Czech Rep. :D
  • sherriffatman


    grats on the big score mate!
    as an aside, exactly how soft are those Euro games please? (in comparison to the 'normal' Stars $ games I mean - so, eg: are E10 spins on roughly equivalent to $3 ones? $7 ones? Cheers.
  • martinstids


    I played 25e in .fr and compared to 30$ in .eu, french site is almost 20cev easier (+5cev becouse of higher rake) So difference is 25cev. And even more in lower limits (10e, 5e)
  • IvicaIliev77


    Congrats on the very nice cash out!
    Glad to see that you are also realistic admitting the suck outs. Very few people will be realistic when winning as they have this feeling that they deserve to always win and not loose money when playing. You seem to have it under control so congratulations once again!
  • sherriffatman


    Thanks martinstids, I appreciate your clarification - that's quite a significant difference then. (asking for personal/selfish reasons btw, not meant to denigrate ausenteee's awesome achievement in any way) [Spain just moved up on my list of possible places to live in my dotage] ;)
  • w0wc1k


    Good one