Huge six-figure cooler on Poker After Dark

A massive pot and a very cruel runout on last night's live stream of the cash game show.

This week PokerGo are hosting 'Leave It To Seiver' a series of Poker After Dark cash game streams with poker pro Scott Seiver as the key player. 

There were a lot of six-figure pots in this $100,000 buy-in cash game with $200/$400 blinds, but this hand between Matt Berkey and Garrett Adelstein was no doubt the sickest:

The series continues tonight on PokerGo

Was there ever any getting away from this pot? Let us know in the comments:

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Comments (2)

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  • SDK1987


    Nasty hand for sure. I expect almost everyone was going broke here.
  • jiggaknot1


    not me, dude. i woulda folded either hands pre-flop. lmao