International players can play at PokerStars France-Spain

Players who can play on the main PokerStars site now also have the option to play in the merged French and Spanish poker room too.

pokerstars fr es

Last week we brought you the news that PokerStars was the first operator to merge their French and Spanish liquidity pools. Since then it has been revealed that International players will also be able to play at the combined poker room. 

A PokerStars representative at the French ClubPoker.Net forum revealed that:

non-resident players in France or Spain will be able to play on the pool by registering on the .ES. License, with the exception of residents of a country subject to a national regulation

This basically means as long as you do not play in a segregated market, like New Jersey or Italy, you can also play at this French/Spanish site, alongside the main liquidity. 

Welcome news for grinders

PokerStars FR

This is quite the change from the previous situation with PokerStars.FR, which was briefly open to global players but then restricted. Given that eventually Portugal and Italy might be joining this new coalition of segregated player pools, the rules have been relaxed (This was a PokerStars choice, 888poker and partypoker already allowed global players to their equivalent sites). Should those other two regions join and global players also be welcomed, it will prove a fascinating rival to the main DOTCOM sites.  

This will be welcome news to grinders as, although the choice of games is much more limited and rake is generally higher, the Spanish and French markets are considered not as tough as the main International liquidity. 

Existing International PokerStars players who want to play on the France-Spain site will need to contact PokerStars support as their account needs to be verified in accordance with Spanish regulation.

Do you think this is good for International players? Let us know in the comments:

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Comments (26)

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  • koval21


    Is it possible to create an account on via Pokerstrategy?
  • bigdog63


    good question.
    Also what about sign up bonus?
  • BarryCarter


    I believe existing PokerStars account holders essentially use their existing account after sending the documents etc mentioned in the article
  • BarryCarter


    Sorry got that slightly wrong, you do create a new account, but cannot be tracked via PokerStrategy if you already have a Stars account, you can only be tracked once ever as a Stars player.
  • Svinhugg


    But if I have a Pokerstars account and I´m not tracked?
  • nabokow


    looks interesting, I expect lot of bad players there. 5.75-6% rake though :(
  • koval21


    @BarryCarter: I have Stars account created on pokerstars.EU, but its not connected to PokerStrategy. Looks like I need to create a new account to be able to play on pokerstars.ES. It will be possible connect my new pokerstars.ES account to PokerStrategy?
  • NIVEKii


    If they're accepting international players, wouldn't it be much better if .es and .fr players were allowed to play on the international pool?
  • nabokow


    so support said players from Slovakia are not able to play there.
  • AlpinaBG


    Hi guys,
    Yes, it is possible to create account on via, and there are two offers - "100% up to €500 bonus" or "Free €20'.
    But if you are in regulated country you are not allowed to do it. So if you are resident of a regulated country you have to be in Spain (for example for a temporarily stay there).
    Also your previously created PokerStars account have to be tracked in order that your new be a tracked as well.
    It's better to check with their support if you guys are allowed to open a account from your countries.
    The pages for both offers are - €500 First deposit bonus and - Free €20

  • bigdog63


    both offers have the same bonus code. which is which?
  • AlpinaBG


    The bonus code for the 100% up to €500 first deposit bonus is "Euro500"
    The bonus code for the free €20 is CONSIGUE20.

    Conditions for the free €20 is to deposit at least €10. Then you receive:
    - €5 immediately after you deposit
    - €5 after 7 days
    - Another €5 after 14 days
    - And a last installment of €5 after 21 days

    For the 100% up to €500 steps is just like the one in .com. You get it in steps of €5 and you have 90 days to clear as many steps as you can.
    You can split this bonus by making up to three smaller deposits, e.g. of €170 each. As of your first deposit, you will have 90 days to make the remaining two deposits. You must use the bonus code EURO500 every time you deposit.

    Best regards,
  • AlpinaBG


    Also one more info regarding registrations.

    "Existing International PokerStars players who want to play on the France-Spain site will need to contact PokerStars support as their account needs to be verified in accordance with Spanish regulation."

    When you register your new account you still need to enter the marketing code "pokerstrategy" in order to have the account tracked (in case your previous one is tracked as well).
  • tranceactor


    Hello xxx,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    We're very sorry to inform you that as a player on the .UK platform, you are not eligible to play on the .ES license.

    The .ES license is only available to players that are residents of Spain or residents of a country currently served by our .COM and .EU licenses.

    Stars Support
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    I have the same question as #7: I do have an .EU pokerstars account that is NOT tracked by (I think I opened it through pokernews at the time many years ago). Now if I open a .ES account , can this one be tracked by pokerstrategy though? Thanks for answering.
  • AgapieGheorghe


    #17 The answear is NO. I was in a similar situation when I moved from Eu to ES many years ago.


    #16 If you are not on Eu or com you cannot play Es
  • koval21


    #18 To play on ES we have to create a new account, our current EU account is not moved to ES. Its a different situation
  • ubbster


    Hi! When i go through your link to and download the client i get the version? That one i already play on and is not tracked here to pokerstrategy. I want to play on the version and get the first deposit bonus and get tracked here on pokerstrategy. So why do i get the version through your link??


  • ubbster


    Is ik ok to register without going through your link here on pokerstrategy? Because i read this on another site!
    Some players are unable to access the website and download the software due to redirection issues.

    Consequently, the way to create an account on the platform is to type (or copy and paste) into your web browser.

    So is it possible to do it that way and just fill in the necessary details as instructed here on pokerstrategy?


  • AlpinaBG


    Hi guys,

    FlyingDutchm1n - if your previous PokerStars account is NOT tracked to, every new one like canNOT be tracked as well.

    ubbster - Yes, you can download it via their site and then to manually enter the marketing code "pokerstrategy". Actually by using our link the marketing code should be entered automatically, but users still have to check that.
    Unfortunately, if your account is not tracked to - then no matter of what you do - your new won't be a tracked as well.
    You see version because by default PokerStars redirect users to the main version available to them.

    koval21 - yes, it's a different case, but same rule applies. :(

    tranceactor - thank you for sharing this information and sorry that you cannot create a tracked account.

    AgapieGheorghe and UPAY4DINNER, thank you for your comments a! :)

    Best regards,
  • ubbster


    Hi Alex!
    So if i understand this right no one that has a Pokerstars accont before can open a accont and get tracked here on Pokerstrategy?? So basicly it has to be the first time ever you sighn up with Pokerstars on any version to get this to work?


  • ubbster


    And if i had a tracked Pokerstars account here on pokerstrategy would i then have both and tracked at the same time? This dosent make any sense to me?


  • AlpinaBG


    Hey ubbster,

    If you track your first PokerStars account (no matter if it's .com, .eu, .es, .fr or any other), then every other eligible PokerStars account you have can be a tracked as well. Unfortunately in your case - the account you already have is not tracked and that's why you cannot create a tracked one with .es.

    Shortly - you have tracked account - you can create a tracked account and vice versa.

  • Angstzweet


    I registered for an ES account, even deposited and played there, and got through the verification process. All of a sudden my account is frozen. Could it be because I already have an account on the .com network, or because I had an .fr account before?
  • balo111


    Can I open an account from Norway , I already have a account. Thanks.