Is EV Insurance good for your mindset?

Would being paid in EV rather than short term results (which we now offer to SpinLegends players) make you mentally stronger?

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This week we announced a new service for SpinLegends members – EV Insurance. Essentially, we give our Spin & Go players the chance to be paid based on their EV rather than their results.

So a consistent player would be paid more what they ‘deserve’ and be less impacted by a downswing, but they would not benefit from the upside of good variance as much. Big Jackpot games are not included, they get shared equally.

I wasn’t involved with this side of things so only heard about it last week, I scratched my head a little because it is a fascinating idea for a very swingy game like poker but also changed a fundamental nature of the game. The swings are what make poker profitable (because it means bad players win often enough in the short term to keep playing in the long term) but variance is so incredibly cruel it can often be the undoing of a good player, mentally if not financially.

Poker itself remains swingy

EV insurance
Big jackpots are still split equally

The important thing about EV Insurance is that it does not change the swingy nature of the game itself, that would be a bad idea because as mentioned, recreational players need to have plenty of winning moments. It simply changes the swingy nature of results at the end of the month.

Focussing on performance rather than results is incredibly important for serious players, but it is also mentally one of the hardest things to do. If variance is in your favour you can become overconfident, if variance goes against you it can create all manner of mental game issues like tilt. EV Insurance really does keep a player focussed on how they are playing.

It is a much more stable way to grind out a living in poker, which I suspect is good for both the player and SpinLegends, because long term it gets more players thinking about their performance instead of results.

Handling variance

poker tilt
Handling variance is one of the toughest parts of poker

I suspect EV Insurance is not for everyone, however. The swingy nature of poker is actually what excites many players, not just recreational players. Some players need something ‘at stake’ to keep them motivated. This probably isn’t an ideal mindset in and of itself, but it is a reality that many of us need an external pressure to stay motivated.

Maybe the more important consideration is that handling swings is a necessary part of poker. The one risk for a player with EV Insurance is that their ability to handle variance is not being tested however long they have it. It’s a trade off because while that is not being flexed as much, one’s ability to focus on performance rather than results is being tested instead – it’s hard to tell which is the better skill. The ideal outcome will be EV insurance makes you less results orientated which also makes you better at handling variance.

It's also worth noting that EV in itself is not a perfect way of measuring good play instead of good luck. If you flop a set of fours and get your money in the middle on the flop against a set of fives, you still will have been unlucky and you played the hand right, but your EV would say it was a mistake. So there is still variance to face either way.

The true benefit of being staked is not the free bankroll but the coaching and infrastructure a good staking site provides. In my recent interview with coffeeyay he said the same thing. EV Insurance will not be for everyone, but it certainly will help improve stability and professionalism for a lot of players, especially those who struggle with handling short term variance.

Do you think EV Insurance would be good for your game? Let us know in the comments:

Thinking about getting staked?

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Comments (2)

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  • Tichwich85


    Another way is to pay out yourself compared to the number of games played: 2% of the buyin per spin.
    1000 games played a month on 1$ games = 20$ payout each month and the rest you keep to move up, great stuff from jennifear to be found on that
  • LemOn36


    Tha main thing is the fee that makes it straight up -EV in a vacuum.
    Without them it'd be a snap for a winning player, you just gamble less and realize our winrate faster

    But yeah we aren't robots, not sure about spins and longer term chipEV but if I'm taking a shot
    And I play a 500BB pot AI on the turn you can bet I'll take the insurance and pay the small amount for it on e.g. Natural8

    I guess when taking a shot, running low on funds and mental game issues like you pointed out Barry the fee is worth it