Ivey loses London casino appeal

Judge rules that Phil Ivey broke the rules of the house against Crockfords Casino as £7.7 legal challenge is thrown out.

Phil Ivey London Court

More bad news for Phil Ivey recently as he lost his second-high profile court case in as many weeks. His latest case, against Mayfair’s Crockfords Casino in London, dates back a 2012 game of Punto Banco when the player was accused of winning £7.7m using the legal, yet frowned upon edge-sorting technique.

Leaving the casino on the night, Ivey was told that his considerable winnings would be wired to Las Vegas, where the 39-year old is based.

When only his £1m stake money was returned to him, Ivey launched an appeal which was dismissed two years ago before being thrown out for good last Thursday on the grounds that, in accordance with the Gambling Act 2005, casino players have “agreed” to certain codes of behaviour simply by entering the casino, a condition Ivey had broken.

For his part, Ivey has admitted to edge-sorting but maintains he has done nothing illegal asking;

The trial judge said that I was not dishonest and the three appeal judges agreed, but somehow the decision has gone against me. Can someone tell me how you can have honest cheating?


Crockfords Casino
Crockfords Casino

The technique of edge sorting allows players to predict card values based on irregularities on their back, thus giving the player an advantage over the house.

Genting Group cards often have characteristics, as the casino’s chosen manufacturer, Angel Co Ltd, has stated that these marks are not a defect but have been cut to within a bespoke specified tolerance of up to 0.3mm.

This was the second court case against the Ivey in recent weeks as, just over a fortnight ago, a court in New Jersey ruled that the $9.6 million he won during a mini-baccarat session at the Borgata in Atlantic City was also gained illegally. He was, however, cleared of charges of fraud.

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  • YohanN7


    No doubt there'll be "Ivey broke" rumors. Hasn't he also lost a lot at poker in recent years online?
  • bogdan2281973


    Based on the feedback from other poker pros, he's the best at reading people and adapting his game to beat whomever else he is up against. The longer someone plays with him, the more of an edge he gets