Jaime Staples epic weight loss

We round-up some stories you may have missed including the return of Phil Ivey and Doug Polk calling out the scammers.

The Staples brothers could win their bet

In case you missed it, last year Jaime and his brother Matt Staples made a ridiculous prop bet that 305lb Jaime could get within 1lb of 130lb Matt in twelve months. The poker world thought it was impossible but hoped Jaime could get in better health as a result. 

But the 50-1 bet with Bill Perkins may actually work out for the brothers. With a few months to go Matt is around 180lb and Jaime is around 212lb, as revealed in an interview with PocketFives.  

Just look at these amazing before and after pictures of the Team PokerStars Twitch streamer:

Jaime Staples weight loss
Jaime Staples, before and after

Ivey back at the tables?

The Aussie Millions has begun and it looks like one absentee from the poker world will be making his way back to the tables. 

Indian poker pro Nipun Java spotted the high stakes legend on his flight to Australia, which he posted on Instagram.

The Aussie Millions always has some very big cash games and Super High Roller events. Ivey himself has won the $250,000 Challenge (which wont be happening this year, the biggest buy-in is $100,000) three times at the festival:

Phil Ivey 2018
Will we see Ivey play the Main Event?

Polk calls out the Crypto scammers

Whether you know the first thing about Crypto or not, Doug Polk's channel on the subject has already become massive and is very entertaining regardless of your expertise. 

However, it is also a very useful public service, as two weeks ago he made a detailed (and funny) video calling out a company called Bitconnect whom he believed were a Ponzi scheme:

Now he unfortunately has been vindicated as the company has shut down leaving investors unsure as to whether they will get their money back. In both of these videos Polk highlights some of the very shady selling tactics around in Crypto which need to be avoided, so if you are thinking of investing this year, follow Polk on YouTube:

Will Jaime and Matt win their bet? Will Phil Ivey make a big return to poker this year? Do you follow Polk's Crypto channel? Let us know in the comments:

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    That weight loss is indeed epic! Big congrats!