Jean-Robert Bellande finds a spare $1 million for One Drop

In today's Daily Rewind we see Jean-Robert Bellande hand over $1 million in cash and play the Good Samaritan with Daniel Negreanu.

JRB's $1 million shot

Mr. Money
He may be a self-proclaimed "broke" grinder, but it seems as though someone has taken enough pity on Jean-Robert Bellande to buy him into this year's Big One for One Drop.

After hinting on Twitter that he had something big to announce, the American pro then posted a picture of himself handing over $1 million to an awestruck cashier.

Accompanying the picture was the caption "There goes a milly!  I just bought into the 1-Drop.  If I win this it'll be brokeliving no more…", but where the money came from is unclear.

While we know that Jean-Robert often finds his way into some of the larger games in Vegas, the chances of him having $1 million in cash to spend on a single tournament are low.

However, regardless of who put up the money, there's no doubt Jean-Robert will have his work cut out when he squares off against the likes of Antonio Esfandiari and Sam Trickett in the WSOP's super high roller.

Negreanu lends a hand

Daniel Negreanu showed his compassionate side earlier today after he helped an unconscious man on the streets of Las Vegas.

While his natural tendency might be to leave his poker foe's lying face down in the gutter (metaphorically speaking), the Canadian pro wasn't prepared to ignore someone having a seizure on the street.

According to Daniel's tweets the man was being ignored by virtually everyone so he took it upon himself to call for help while he attended to the man.

After waiting for the "heroes" to arrive he urged his followers to show some concern and "look out for each other"  although we doubt he'll be taking that stance when this year's WSOP gets underway.

Nice guy Negreanu

Tony's caring side

We know him as the brash Lithuanian who revels in the pain of others at the poker table, but in a new video we get to see a more welcoming side to Tony G.

As his European election campaign begins to gather some steam the poker playing Politian decided to paint himself in a more caring light with a 30-second advert.

Entitled "Mr G will be rendered the fishing rod and not the fish", the video is undoubtedly using the analogy that Tony is a political shark with the ability to help his country stay afloat in times of trouble.

Question of the Day

"Following Jean-Robert's recent Twitter update, do you think it was part of an elaborate hoax or will he really be lining up for this year's One Drop event?"


Alex Luneau became the runaway winner at the virtual felt on Sunday after scooping $511,528. That haul was more than enough to finish comfortably ahead of Chun Lei Zhou and Gus Hansen who reduced his online deficit to -$17,707,709.

Feeling the force of Mr. Luneau at the PLO tables in the last 24 hours was Phil Galfond and Viktor Blom who dropped $369,058 and $292,845 respectively. Also falling to a $250,000+ loss was 'punting-peddler' who unsuccessfully grinded through 2,556 hands.

Alex Luneau
Chun Lei Zhou$191,734
Gus Hansen$184,288
Phil Galfond
Viktor Blom$292,845

Daily Signoff

Poker players are naturally competitive and in this clip we get to see what happened when Dan O'Brien and Danielle Andersen clashed inside Ultimate Poker's head office.

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Comments (6)

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  • acerbikas


    For as long as I'm into poker I've known JRB to be broke... but haven't seen any proof he actually is.

    I wouldnt' put it past him.
  • junfandan


    If he is broke then I wanna be broke as well. Publicity stunt though imo
  • Paddii


    Wasn't JRB supposed to play last million dollar One Drop, but didn't then?

    Do you think he buys his seat so he can sell it to some businessman for extra $ because of the cap on tourney?
  • MJPerry


    Apparently JRB is (was) staked by Bilzarean.
  • zilltine


    I am sooo voting for Tony G
  • Agiz19


    1# he has some vid online on youtube i saw it quite some time ago where he speaks, living like a millionare but broke....borrowing money for life and paying it back when able, but nothing about who backs his living :) probably its FT money . lol