Joe Ingram talks Tilt

We round-up some of the best videos of the week including Polk calling out flakes, Liv Boeree on AI, Power Up and a cooler at the WSOPE.

Joey tackles Tilt

Real talk from Chicago Joey as he vents about the tough mental swings in poker:

Doug trashes flaky players

Mr Polk is back and also venting his frustration, this time on the subject of players who cancel on playing televised poker cash games:

Flopped set vs flopped straight

Lots of big hands got us talking from the WSOPE Main Event, including this one:

Liv Boeree on AI

In case you missed it, one of poker's most scientific minds discussed the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the game, and society in general:

Staples Powers Up

Finally we join Jaime Staples who puts in a session playing the new dynamic format from PokerStars - Power Up:

Who are you watching on YouTube? Let us know in the comments:

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