Justin Bieber plays poker in London

Move over Dan Bilzerian there is a new rich kid with too much money playing the game.

More and more celebrities are getting into poker and with the Molly's Game movie shooting next month, that trend will only continue to grow. 

The latest A-List poker fan is pop idol Justin Bieber. Probably not the best ambassador for the game given his image as something of a spoiled brat (and we already have one Poker Brat). 

He is currently on tour in the UK as was spotted in the early hours of the morning this week playing a £200 game at the Empire Casino in London. Given he has a net worth of around $200 million this was a surprisingly small game for the star. 

Justin Bieber playing poker in London
Image courtesy of the Daily Mail

Onlookers said the pop star, who has something of a wild and at times petulant reputation, was generally quite quiet and kept himself to himself. 

Would Justin Bieber being an active poker player be good for the game? Share your views in the comments:

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Comments (6)

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  • Hesticus


    It will be good for variance :D
  • Malendes


    Nice hat
  • SPeedFANat1c


    Why it would be bad for the game to have him. Most likely he is rich fish. Just need to make him want to show how "good" he is. He was getting into fights. He might want to show who is the boss at the table also.
  • Maniatrix


    Yes please. Now, refrain yourselves idiots from the urge to teach him any strategy. He needs to be seen televised winning money by hitting a runner runner after a flop all in with bottom pair. THAT might be +EV for poker.
  • piR


    #4 not sure his public face as anything to do with his private one though ;)
  • CdaMoney


    The guy is a perfectionist!!! He's not a kid!! Lol. Probably more patience!! Then most!! And a bankroll to back it up💰 "We the North"