Kassouf loses sponsor after roulette scandal

We recap a lot of drama from the world of poker this week, including a roulette scandal and a very public staking dispute.

Kassouf apologies for roulette scandal

Controversial poker personality William Kassouf has been let go by his sponsor Grosvenor Poker after a scandal at a roulette table. 

Kassouf apologised for the incident but was vague about the specifics, just that he was drunk and it took place at a roulette table. 

The lack of clarification leads one to speculate what actually happened, but it appears to have been an alleged incident where he was caught stealing $100 chips from a friend's stack, which is also rumoured to have resulted in him being barred from the casino, according to Shaun Deeb

Cate Hall in staking dispute

While we are on poker drama, also no stranger to controversy, Cate Hall has been involved with a very public staking dispute with her former backer Chad Power. 

Hall was down $60,000 on the stake and decided to take an extended break from the game, but Power believes that Hall is liable for the losses and should pay him back. 

This led to a very polarising debate in the poker community about whether a horse is liable to pay back makeup if they quit the game. Some arguing that staking is a high risk venture and it is extortion to expect losses back from a horse, with others saying with no liability you give horses a license to gamble then quit the game if they lose. 

As well as retiree Polk sharing his views, Daniel Negreanu also discussed it at length during his new podcast:

Somerville makes a (pointless) straight flush

PokerStars Pros have not exactly been running well on Twitch lately, so when one of them makes a straight flush, you know it's not in the right format:

What is your view on how a staking deal in makeup should end? Let us know in the comments:

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  • OldSchoolPapa


    Staking should end in favour of the stakee since actually he is the one dealing with stress, hours of work, upside-downs ... stakers only invest because that way they can accumulate much more profits than by themselves. It's a kind of ponzy scam but for sure the stakee and the staker both benefits of the deal when it works but it's a win win that goes more in the way of the stakers rather the stakees. So the make up deal should go more in favor of the stakee to compensate.
    Just my opinion about it. If you play at your level with a tight BR management you don't need stakers / backers ... If you still decide to get a staker/backer make sure to well read all lines of contracts before to sign in and ask all the questions you have first hand with records and proof of answers by security. My politic is to be my own slave for the good or the worst but not anyone else slave.
  • OldSchoolPapa


    In the case of Kassouf , i think it's very different. He is a real idiot who had the chance to have an incredible opportunity and screwed it up because of a lack of ethical work. Makes me sick ...