LIVE TICKER: PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, UB and AP charged in US

The FBI has seized the main internet domains of the biggest US-facing poker rooms and charged its owners and managers with fraud, money laundering and illegal gambling.

Executives at PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, UltimateBet and AbsolutePoker have been charged with several felonies such as illegal gambling, money laundering and fraud. The main internet domains of these poker rooms were seized and now show an FBI notice. The FBI apparently also seized or froze more than 75 bank accounts of poker payment processors located in the US.

The main subjects of the charges are eleven poker executives such as Isai Steinberg of PokerStars and Raymond Bitar of Full Tilt Poker. Thus far there have been two arrests in the US, but neither are thought to be poker executives. The other defendents aren't currently on US soil according to a statement by the US Department of Justice. If arrested and convicted, the defendants could face very significant fines and possibly even jail time.

The orginial Twitter message released by news agency Reuters reads: "Three Largest Internet Poker Companies Charged With Fraud, Illegal Gambling – Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker, & Absolute Poker – Charged".

Please note: Currently you can access the websites of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker using the domains below. You can also download the client software there.

Bonus offers at various poker rooms

The news coming from the US has sparked several special offers at various poker rooms and you can find an overview in the news linked below. We will update it as we receive word from the poker rooms.

18:30 GMT durrrr comments
Tom Dwan writes on Twitter: "I long ago realized that laws replaced common sense in every day government, however I still thought n hoped the regulation of billion dollar industries was usually done in a logical fashion."

18:34 GMT PokerStars Traffic declining
Kevmath from the US, editor at Bluff Magazine and 2+2 moderator reports: "Last 10 minutes or so, Stars has dropped 15k players".

18:36 GMT PokerStars doesn't allow any US players
ESPN reports via Twitter that several US players are facing problems while connecting to PokerStars.

18:44 GMT Onyx Cup?
The first Full Tilt Poker Onyx Cup is scheduled to take place in May in Las Vegas. Discussions are heating up on Twitter whether or not this will still go ahead.

18:50 GMT 11 managers charged

Wall Street Journal reports that a total of 11 managers from several poker rooms has been charged.

18:53 GMT Over 75 accounts frozen
The Wall Street Journal further reports that over 75 bank accounts of companies linked to poker rooms have been frozen.

18:56 GMT Poker rooms are facing up to 3 billion USD in fines
According to Forbes, poker rooms are facing fines up about 3 billion US dollar.

19:03 GMT The names of the 11 managers charged
The names of the managers charged can be found in the charging document here: Isai Scheinberg, Raymond Bitar, Scott Tom, Brent Beckley, Nelson Burtnick, Paul Tate, Ryan Lang, Bradley Franzen, Ira Rubin, Chad Elie und John Campos.

19:08 GMT nanonoko comments
Online legend and PokerStars Pro nanonoko said on Twitter: "hmm...might need to consider buying from the value menu again at McDonalds if things don't work so well".

19:10 GMT Poker rooms used "fraudulent methods"
The charging document states "...used fraudulent methods to avoid restrictions and to receive billions of dollars from United States residents who gambled."

19:13 GMT Charges of money laundering
The document also states that poker rooms "...also engaged in massive money laundering and bank fraud. Foreign firms that choose to operate in the United States are not free to flout the laws they don’t like simply because they can’t bear to be parted from their profits."

19:17 GMT PokerStars, FTP, UB  and AP scammed customers according to FBI
Janice K. Fedarcyk of the FBI said: "These defendants, knowing full well that their business with U.S. customers and U.S. banks was illegal, tried to stack the deck."

19:19 GMT Allegedly, poker rooms bribed and lied to banks
Fedarcyk: "They lied to banks about the true nature of their business. Then, some of the defendants found banks willing to flout the law for a fee. The defendants bet the house that they could continue their scheme, and they lost."

20:01 GMT Major witness uncovered?
As reports, the main source of the intelligence the FBI optained in regard to how the accused poker rooms processed deposits, used to be one of the service providers of these poker rooms. Daniel Tzvetkoff allegedly worked together with PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker before scamming them several hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As a legal claim to get the money back failed, the poker rooms tipped off US authorities when he landed on US soil, leading to his arrest. also reports that he then cut a deal with the authorities, reverse-engineered the payment processing of the poker rooms and subsequently provided the information that is now used to substantiate the charges against the rooms and their managers.

20:27 GMT Statment from the PPA
"On behalf of the millions of poker players across the country, we are shocked at the action taken by the U.S. Department of Justice today against online poker companies and will continue to fight for Americans’ right to participate in the game they enjoy. Online poker is not a crime and should not be treated as such. We are currently gathering all of the information around today’s announcement and will offer detailed analysis when the full facts become available."

21:58 GMT The Micros respond to the issues
Link to the video.

22:20 GMT Phil Galfond: "Try not to freak out"
Phil Galfond via Twitter: "Whatever is gonna happen is gonna happen.  All we can do is try to voice our support for online poker, and then wait and see. (...) Try not to freak out..."

22:26 GMT Also durrrr remains rather cool...
... and posts on Twitter: "99.93 might be a little high lol, but I wouldn't be worried about getting paid. Might take a little time. Goodluck if ur not on ftp/ps ;("

22:40 GMT Complete indictment is online
Click here to read the document.

00:40 GMT
PokerStars hosts their website now at and says that "there is no change in general" for players outside the USA.

02:57 GMT Wynn Resorts end cooperation with PokerStars
The partnership between casino magnate Steve Wynn and PokerStars has been ceased as it was announced in a statement issued by Wynn Resorts.

05:30 GMT Statement by Full Tilt Poker CEO
Raymond Bitar, CEO at Full Tilt Poker, offiicially confirmed that his poker room is no longer accepting US players. He adds: "I am surprised and disappointed by the government’s decision to bring these charges. I look forward to Mr. Burtnick’s and my exoneration".

Saturday, 13:15 GMT Erick Lindgren still in the mood for jokes
Team Full Tilt Poker Pro Erick Lindgren writes on Twitter: "This is all clearly the fault of @RealKidPoker [Daniel Negreanu]. I told him if he ever started beating online poker the world would end."

Saturday, 13:30 Statement from PokerStars - "Bankrolls are safe"

Saturday, 15:30 EuroPoker increases deposit limits
EuroPoker has just informed us that they are about to increase the deposit limits for Moneybookers and Neteller customers significantly. Players can now deposit up to €35,000.

Saturday, 19:19 PokerStars announces decrease in prizepools
PokerStars have recently released an update to the guaranteed prizepools of some of their biggest tournaments. This is what they'll look like now:

Nightly Hundred Grand => $70,000 guarantee
Nightly Seventy Grand => $30,000 guarantee
Wednesday Quarter Million => $100,000 guarantee
Sunday Million => $1 million guarantee (down from $1.5 million)
Sunday 2nd Chance => $125,000 guarantee (down from $200,000)
Sunday 500 => $250,000 guarantee (down from $500,000)

Saturday, 20:20 Full Tilt Poker Onyx Cup possibly cancelled
Sources close to the television production of the Onyx Cup say that the first two events, scheduled for May 11-12 and July 7-8 have been postponed and most likely cancelled.

Sunday, 02:00 GMT Our opinion: Moneybookers, Neteller and Poker rooms without US-traffic are safe
There were questions in the forums about the safety of payment providers like Moneybookers and Neteller as well as about poker rooms. We think that any payment provider or poker room which decided a long time ago not to take US-traffic any more is 100% safe. However this can not be considered as official legal advice.

We will keep you posted as the events unfold.

This is what looks like:


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  • worm5


  • Snodreliss


    ugh :|
  • SinPek


  • Reanimater


  • foulkezboyz


    there go my dreams of poker goddom
  • evildk2


    Nothing nice.
  • ihufa


    Partypoker and ongame watch out! Traffic comming your way :D
  • Hahaownedlolz


    lol.. pretty sure none of them are going to be seen in the US again as long as they can get arrested..
  • Reanimater


    if they issue warrants for their arrest in their home countries, they will soon run out of places to hide.
  • maroscz


    New player on the online poker market
  • Gerv


    I would have lolled if PartyPoker's Dikshit was on this list
  • worm5


    no 10 LOL
    Do you think that people will move to other clients? Will Americans be banned from online poker?
  • corshi


    I wonder why there are no US players on the site right now ... Oh snap, Wait!
  • Satanic4


    wonder if they can use proxies to get around these laws
  • alejandrosh


    rebecca black tried to warn us all, and we didn't listen.

    I hate fridays
  • ppfives


    lol, never trust online poker, full of Gangsters. MONEY MONEY MONEY isn't funny in a rich mans world LOL
  • DaJoker1988


    game over :( DAMN !!!!!
  • hypertyper


  • M1rCea


    wtf, can this lead to no more moneymakingz from the online poker?

    if so.. #5 +1
  • azllbg


    no more fish in sail :(
  • BalticCrew


    Do I have to cashout or is my money save?
  • SickAtHome


    gg. T_T
  • provenmac


    Is this the end of life as we know it?
  • Boomer2k10


    For US guys maybe

    For Euroes and people not governed by the US the only thing that has changed for the moment is no US guys on the sites.

    We'll need a lot more info to declare the sky falling in etc
  • Ic3g3org3


    We all have to go to work, no more online grinding... Noooooo !!! Panic atack !!! Work, the worst nightmare !!! :-D
  • maroscz


    It has to do nothing with legality of online poker this time. Main hazard is some of the alleged companies may lay down economically being issued high fine.
  • ro1chwvd


    I always liked Party Poker in some weird way!
  • Tagging


    ok so what happens to all my money which is in my poker room account , I am an UK citizen and online gambling is not illegal here
  • hypertyper


    I just withdrew most my money just in case. I'm in the UK also. I can always put it back when things settle down.
  • Ic3g3org3


    Mee too, but maybe i should withdraw the rest of my money. But i hope everything will continue as normal for players, because i planed use a lot of bonuses next month. I play every day for highest level of ironman, so they canot just shut it down for a week or longer.
  • maroscz


    at #28 Your money is safe as long as the alleged poker room is strong enough to face the fact they'll be fined BIG. Because from all we know now they were involved in some serious monkey business regarding US players deposits and withdrawals.
  • kari9


    great i love EUROPE i can play but still sucks for americans not fair i think every player should be allowed to play online poker its not easy to earn money nowdays but in online poker...
  • dps5pt


    International Banks bring the world economy to the brink of doom, never mind that lets prosecute poker rooms - IDIOTS
  • nophun


    Is it time for panic ? Even for us ?
    ESPN_Poker is reporting the 3 big sites will be down world wide within 48 hours....
  • Navrark


    If playing at Pokerstars or Full Tilt is not illegal in Europe and these people flee to Europe - for example - would European countries actually support the US by turning these men over?
  • supeyrio


    wheres osama??????
  • dallievas


    Black Friday.And they arrested Chase Berger too....
  • Safemonk


    Crazzzyyyy!! lucky i live in Canada :)
  • bartjuh


    Cash out currently not working for me at pokerstars :-(
  • bigbadbob85


    can't get on full tilt :(
  • Zhusy


    They closed all bank accounts from all the sites mentioned. As I read and heard from good sources, and if it's true what they are charged off, all the money on FT and PS could be frozen and be named as "fraud" money.

    Good thing I have no $$ on those 2 :)
  • M1rCea


  • M1rCea


    ok i'm going to bed. hoping this will go away till tomorrow.

    good night everyone
  • Rauno9


    Thank god! Online poker players are the source of all the evil in all of the world.
  • mariobros00


    i'm currently playing a tournament on fulltilt and i see players from the US all over the table, thats weird.

    as for the "ban" i think besides of the sites being 100% fraudulent they also did it to protect Vegas from going broke in the near future if online gambling continues in the US
  • ajinz1


    revolution you guis
  • Dudders


    poor americans, stranded in the world of play money forever, what happened to the land of the free?
  • miskokvo


  • Navrark


    Poor Americans? They are the ones who keep voting clowns into office. It's about time for people in every country to get rid of the established political parties that kiss the butts of the rich and powerful, and start voting in parties that have the little people's best interest in mind.

    Vote Canadian Action Party!!!
  • Navrark


    Vote Ron Paul in the USA!!!
  • Navrark


    I just found a website that confirms that Ron Paul "Champion of the Constitution and Defender of Personal Liberties" supports the legalization of online gambling. Go Ron Paul!!!
  • Targetme


    good time to be canadian and a party poker player.... Sure still will affect me Im so confused by this
  • Navrark


    Think of this also, these men did commit crimes by circumventing American law. Yes, the law is draconian, but it is still law. Now because of their actions they ruined any chance of online poker being legalized in the US.

    They should have gone about things the right way. Party Poker did the right thing by dumping the Americans from the beginning. They paid an awful price for it but they did do the right thing.
  • Safemonk


    ron paul / canadian action party !!!! For sure :)
  • CrocHunter


    Man can't anyone make honest money anymore why the hell did they have to do it? They must have been making enough cash already without being douche bags. Good for them hope they get what they deserve but bad for the players. Can't get mad at the law the guys broke the law and now we the players have to pay for those idiots greed. You can't get mad at the FBI/government for this happening, what you can get mad at and do something about is why the hell their trying to make it illegal in the first place and succeeding. I bet you can probably still find child porn on the net though why don't they pick on that.

    How long do you think the sites will be down? I'm from Canada i don't think it will affect me but it still pisses me off!!!
  • Waiboy


    @54 I'm not sure this is ultimately a bad thing in terms of legalisation of online poker in the US. It does bring things to more of a head.

    Previously no immediate action was required from US online poker players for them to keep playing, they just ignored the law for the most part. But about a mirron of them are about to get seriously pissed off. It may be this is the thing that drives a change of law in the US.
  • ragney


    Found the following in the German fourm:

    Dear phobos_88,

    PokerStars is working to clarify this matter right now and we will be back with updates within the next 3 hours. I can guarantee you that the money you deposited on PokerStars is safe for now. Unfortunately for now I nor any other PokerStars employee can guarantee you that we will be able to fullfil your request to cash out your funds.

    While we can't transfer any funds to your bank or registered moneybookers account, you can still use your money for playing online at - The Worlds Largest OnlinePokerRoom

    Himanshu Tyagi
    PokerStars Support
  • rorri


    Thanks Ragney for sharing, all we can do is stupidly wait now... Won't be able to sleep I guess
  • Phgrinder


    im from the philippines, i have a tiny bit amount of my bankroll on FTP, my bank and my click2pay account is in no way related to this mess but now i can't cashout :(

    still the games on FTP are way more softer than before... but whats the point if i can't cashout T_T SCREW YOU US POLITICIANS!!!!!!!!!!
  • Funkyowo


    this is probably politics.... i'm sure there is gonna be a presidential candidate that would support online poker...... which means millions of americans vote.....

    pls. say i'm wrong.
  • jasonsimbre


    it seems there is no problem i can still access
  • rtrtrtr


    Thanks, Poker Strategy.....the link in the 22.40 news snippet has a nasty threat in it. Thanks to my anti virus it was halted.
  • draculas


    I think that the F.B.I should first close all the web sites with child pornography and leave pokerstars,ftp etc
    I believe they are the puppets of las vegas cazino's, well done fbi puppets.
    I express my sympathy from Greece to all American internet poker players
  • gunni80


    thx rtrtrtr i missed that
  • tally49


    The online poker pro's need to voice their opinion as do sites such as bluff, poker listings, card chat, and poker stratgy. lets hear some support for American pokerplayers.. We all love the game
  • mattisks


    it says that they stacked decks? I wouldn't wonder! I think about it everyday!
  • CrocHunter


    Yeah now I'm totally confused after reading the article link posted by jasonforan.

    WTF is going on can somebody that really knows please explain?
  • jasonforan


    and heres another site on about online gambling being legalised in Washington >
  • Navrark


    I heard that the 11 or so people who were charged are facing 30 years in US prison. Wow!
  • tiltpokernow


    irs doesnt matter. they broke the rules and they were bilked out of billions of dollars by not taxing their winnings. if anything this will just halt it again
  • vmarqui


    should i withdraw my money from pokerstars?
  • jasonforan


    most of the owners dont live in the US anyway and i highly doubt there country will deport them to America to face hefty jail sententces on laws that arent even illegal in there country.Doubt youl be able to withdraw your money now anyway.Best bet id say is ride it out a few days and hope for the best.This is why im glad im living in europe but you got to feel for the US players.Land of the free my ass.Heres another article i just found the piece of shit that sold out the poker sites >
  • tiltpokernow


    the poker site sold him out first...he stole money...then told the US on him then he told the US on them...its the own pokersites fault.
  • tiltpokernow


    money laundering is illegal everywhere. fraud is illegal everywhere. this isnt just because they are americans. this is a billion dollar fraud scandal
  • Navrark


    "And as the Courier Mail put it, if this were still the old days, he'd buried in the Las Vegas desert right now."
  • Navrark


    I just found this comment from Bodog. I'm not sure why they aren't in trouble but they don't seem afraid:

    1:57 p.m. PDT: PokerNews has contacted Bodog for a comment on the recent events, and according to a Bodog representative it is "business as usual at Bodog for U.S. customers."
  • evertonroar


    not even the FBI will play play on or with bodog
  • tiltpokernow


    fbi are doing the major sites first. makes sense no? can only do so much at so little time
  • jasonforan


    the only reason its seen as money laundering is beacuse its supposedly the disguish of money obtained illegally ie "online gambling" and as for the fraud part and this is a quite from the US attorney "alternately tricking some U.S. banks and effectively bribing others to assure the continued flow of billions in illegal gambling profits". Now come on how the hell did they trick the banks.Hey were pokerstars the biggest online poker site in the world and we need to use ye to cash money for us and process our transactions but oh the money and transactions have nothing to do with "illegal" gambling.Elections are coming up next year in the states,if theres a time to stand up to your government and there shit and fight for your rights its now...
  • ok1234ok


    Will pokerstars shut down by FBI ?
  • alenstrat


    Things can get nasty when money -lots of money - is involved.
  • Kodark


    This is -EV
  • tehChipDonk


    LOL at the managers, hope you have a great time in jail and have all your s*** repossessed after all these countless bad beats and bulls*** that you created it's karma MUHAHHAHHAA
  • Zheelvern


    If we're not playing there I guess there's need to worry for us Europeans, right?
  • Sai7


  • 36bullets


    the ultimate bad beat!
  • Niki696


    FBI are idiots :) US is not free contry.
  • beckijay1991


    @91 The FBI are doing their job. The only IDIOTS are the guys that broke the law!
  • Jackalof


    Is this the actual proof that online poker WAS r1gged? :D
  • beckijay1991


    @93 Nothing is rarely 100% safe.
  • fourtimestwo


    [x] Online Poker Rigged
  • erickaie


    lol this shit is funny , not pokerstars shut down absolute joke ... those sites only.....
  • gavinonymous


    can you say.. rigged?

    I know i violate the license agreement if I say stars is mafia rigged, but now? vindicated.

    also, now I feel I am better at poker knowing that jokerstars RNG (rigged number generator) is more plausible.
  • erptech


    I smell overlays.
  • Broogyman


    This is how it goes...
    People from all around the world spend money on these sites.
    Americans make a case of it and fine these sites let's say 10 billion $.
    The question: who pays the bill?
    The answer: all of us outside US.
    Why should US be the only one that collects the money if they convict them and how it is possible that they pay the fine to US government with the money collected all around the world.
    To me this sounds like ease money for US and a nice way to fill up the budget and rob the rest of the world.
  • evertonroar


    @gavinonymous - this isnt happening becuase the FBI director copt a bad beat and now thinks poker is rigged
  • NatRPheM


    #97 You are just a fish that sucks at poker, I feel sorry for your ignorance.
  • w34z3l


    lol @ #15
  • Noneday


    US online poker pros will have to emigtate to Europe...
  • shehanshah


    Guys cant withdraw on fulltilt for some reason..It says"we could not establish a secure connection to the server. Click retry or contact customer support at and include this error message in your email". I'm trying this for about 2 hrs now. and it says the same shit each n every time.
  • Noneday


    I won't get your money back if you play at PS or FTP, deal with it...

    And here comes Party Poker times!
  • skiffcz


    So whats next. Russians banning vodka? This is a good lol, srsly. Although I can imagine some people with fat rolls on these sites (esp. US guys) switched to brown pants these days. Fingers crossed from yurop! ;)
  • Mandator


    Can you imagine the overlay the next Sunday Million and similar tournaments??
  • JuiceQuadre


    Yea iv seen FTP changing their guarantees from 20k gtd to 4k gtd 5 minutes before the tourney starts. So i wouldnt expect these sites to throw away money in Sundays gtds =)
  • martins1337


    FTOPS should be fun fun fun
  • Heffron89


    I mean this is good for non US players as vast majority of all US players were good regs or semi good as they had so hard to deposit it were rarely any US fish just grinders
  • Ic3g3org3


    Why i canot connect to the site? I start FTP client, see the update software message, than just "Could not download update"... How can I play on FTP. I dont need to withdraw, I just want to play...
  • Ic3g3org3


    BTW in from CZECH, so not american...
  • NightFrostaSS


    #110, USA is nr1 all time money loser on ftp according to PTR's data, second loser this year, canada been outworsing them so far
  • hoangngoctu


    @#111: uninstall your client, then go to to download a new one.
  • Ic3g3org3


    and i canot download new software from
  • martins1337


    #111 try and download from there
  • arisko


    Fuck, I just woke up. It wasn't a nightmare after all
  • Ic3g3org3


    i use german language version on and its downloadable. Works fine. Thanks for help.
  • SirPaulius


    I hope better traffic for cakepoker :)
  • qnb07


    tried downloading FT client from didnt´t work at first. then i added www. to the front and was no problem.
  • MikesekCZE


    #119 Cake sucks...
  • Ic3g3org3


    FTP - 25k tables, 35k players :-(
  • Tosh5457


    FBI has nothing better to do, why don't you go look for real crimes you dumb-ass fucknuts?
  • Tosh5457


    they just wanna keep that money anyway, US government is in a tough financial situation, money doesn't come from the trees :)
  • Alficor1


    I still can see US players on FTP tho.
  • wrickaz


    This is revenge from FBI for a huge bad beat I think
  • Boomer2k10


    For all complaints about this being anti-poker players or anti-rigging etc read the inditement.

    The websites committed a massive fraud with their payment processing, that's what this is mainly about. There was a rule in place, they blatantly violated it and committed a huge fraud, this is a total slam dunk for the FBI.

    Wouldn't say it's the end of online poker in the US though. There's just now room for the live casinos to *ahem* lobby *ahem* their way into some legislation and they get the whole US market to themselves.

    Victory...US Politics style
  • foldmagic


    For people in US that can't access FTP or PS here's a workaround:
  • AKM247


    It's a little ridiculous, the US Gov are broke, they were that badly on their arse they did'nt have their annual budget ready and this is how they are trying to get some funds, but really who do they think they are? These companies are located outside the US and only 20% of their revenue has come from US customers.
    If anyone thinks they're pissed off at this imagine how tilty the owners of Stars and FTP are!!!
    Anyway prob more traffic for iPoker & Party Poker. As long as we can still play I could'nt give a shit tbh.
  • M1rCea


    @ #127
    interesting point
  • Hahaownedlolz


    Even though the poker sites were knowingly breaking the law.. Don't forget what this is actualy about.

    Simply allowing US players to deposit and play online poker.. Yeah that's such a horrible crime.. come on now.. It's ridiculous that US players aren't allowed to play online poker in the first place. Why does the government treat them like babies?
  • djspirit


    Just runned and everything is fine just withdrawal method id currenmty avaiable deposits/transfers are avaiable now good luck ft :)
  • T3rMiT3


    keep depositing.. you may never see that money again :))
  • adodh


    doesn't matter to me.
    I'm not living in the USA so it's ok.
    But i saw a USA player today either so well done Pokerrooms for putting it on an European server.
  • Pimprlas


    Just cashed out 8000$ from FT, hope the money will arrive - good luck to all the sites - FT and PS can surely survive with the rest of the world having passion for poker, my condolences to U.S. players...
  • JazBenz


    unbelievable, taking away freedoms instead of simply taxing the pokersites, why cant they just do that?! things could be so simple, oh and if their bullshit argument is, to prevent gambling addiction, FUCK YOU, then youd also have to make alcohol illegal, such bastards, such ignorance, these fools don't even know that poker usually can't get you addicted because skill and strategy are overall bigger factors. Poker takes patience, pure gambling does not! Ignorant bastards.
  • tiltpokernow


    usually when company says youre money is safe its really not
  • Zheelvern


    They're not money. Learn the difference between your and you're.


    other big poker providers must me celebrating right now!
  • Aruniux


    you think another poker providers dont payed to US players? now they all waiting who will be next :)
  • DominiqueRoyal


    this means that, all the time playing poker in USA whas illegal, USA players cannot play poker on pokerstars, all this time and only now they charged after few years ???
  • Aruniux


    as always if you find good way spend your time and earn a money, someone always happening :(
  • Boomer2k10



    No playing online poker in the USA is not illegal and never has been. that's just standard lax journalism which is seen day in day out.

    What the sites have been nailed for in the main is money laundering and fraud which it seems crystal clear they're guilty of and violating the UIGEA by accepting gambling despoits which is a grey area becasue the sites can potentially fight for poker as a skill game.

    At the moment no-one knows what's going to happen. Stars and FT say your money is safe if it's there and since Stars keep player deposits in a segregated account as reguired by their gaming license I'm certainly inclinded to believe them.
  • Tagging


    however i have now got a bigger problem, the site says that new software update is available but i am unable to get to the update site so FTP software then shuts down, so now i have no access to FTP to even try to get my money out.
  • tiltpokernow


    Zheelvern last i knew this wasnt english class u dumbass
  • Pimprlas


    I am optimistic, it is such a big industry already, the quantity of players is increasing daily, so there is no way this can stop online poker...
  • tiltpokernow


    keep lying to yourself
  • Pimprlas


    144 - I had the same problem this morning - this worked for me, hope it will help you as well - download and install from
  • DominiqueRoyal


    so these all is about that they was laundering money and fraud taxes from payments... I guess so!?!?!?!
  • Pimprlas


    Poker is a game of skill - not gambling - there are slot machines, roulette etc. Leave online poker alone. And I would see this as an opportunity for poker community to unite, get stronger and fight for our rights - We all are homo sapiens, over 18, have a right to vote etc. So why the hell is someone trying to take away our freedom to do whatever we want with our money...
  • Zheelvern


    #145 I'm not surprised :)
  • tiltpokernow


    poker is not skill. if poker was skill then every game would be fixed limit. no limit is not skill as any player can go all in an any given time as many people do repeatedly go all in all the time with crap hands. Whenever there are odds and percentages involved in poker its not skill its luck.
  • NatRPheM


    Please be at my table at all times! I will for sure be the guy with the most luck out of us and you can complain about how unlucky you are :)
  • Destrux


    @ #144 same here...But you can download at Pokerstars tho. Whish does strike me as a bit wierd, that they both have update on the same day, THIS day...
  • Tim64


    *Tim wonders if his Take Two bonus will be honoured*
  • foulkezboyz


    tilt poker now your pretty funny.
  • ivankv79


    my moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i want my moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  • 4adeadpoet


    No money in poker, Everyone
  • almarod


    Join the facebook group:
    "Rally against the FBI shutting down US poker sites"

    Let´s save our fish!
  • richard1817


    why does everyone assume americans are fish? after the 2004 most casual players stopped because they thought it was illegal to play. Only americans that stuck around were winning players anyway.
  • NightFrostaSS


    #161 reads my post #113
  • Tavbi123


  • Heffron89


    Onyx cup most likely canceled
  • vidrata


    Anyone heard anything about SCOOP? Is it still on? Thx
  • ArtisSkirpa


    @ #161

    I've always thought that most of the US players are actually regs. Plus the european regs are way softer, usually very nitty or have tons of leaks.

    The problem is that every 12 tabling euro frinder that used to play on tilt or stars will now play on the eurosites that are currently softer than FTP or stars therefore making the games there tougher.
  • vladnz


    "LAND OF THE FREE" what a joke
  • 4adeadpoet


    They still havent turned the bad beat rig button off tho, just been 1 outered twice in 20 hand, thought they would have learnt...
  • Slimijs


    Looks like those sites got the ultimate bad beat .... shazam!
  • pavels4444


    Its like that: Most of the people see poker as gambling ... in eyes of most people, it is not a bad thing to ban gambling. Everyone knows luck gamling is bad ... US govermant did so ...
    Too bad that they dont know that poker is also a game of skill and chance
  • tehChipDonk


    "This is not a gambling website" though, oh wait
  • zloiadun


    It's really clear that in this case these sites broke the law. What I cannot understand, how US banks were not performing complete background checks on the transactions of billions of dollars? How no one from their security ever considered that, for example, the "Pocket Kings" company may be related to the gambling/poker?

    It seems that the banks will get away with this again, I do not believe that they were unaware of these illegal activities.
  • GoldenGomez


    In the first place, why would there be a law against online gambling in the US? Where is the world's capital of gambling?
  • chenny8888


  • GoldenGomez


    I was talking about Vegas... Anyways, I think I made my point. I'm just confused as the americans just want to take advantage of the situation in my opinion. (And by americans, I mean their government, not the online gamblers :P)
  • almarod


    The Poker Players Alliance has made this statement:
  • nofreeroller


    It seems they switched the main sites to and, the software also has been updated to block deposits from US players temporarily.
  • jimmyjames57


    I think this might be the end for my online poker playing days. I mean I am from Canada, but I just got this bad feeling that it's somehow ultimately rigged :( I enjoy home games and $1/$2 Cash game at my local casino once or twice a week. I don't know... I'll probably play alittle bit if I ever get the software going again.
  • Aruniux


    we live in free world where govermants can say what we can do and what we cant :)
  • awishformore


    Makes the PartyPoker exec who decided to pull from US and pay the fines look like a friggin genius now, eh :D
  • zobupasts


    " room which decided a long time ago not to take US-traffic any more is 100% safe"

    Is this ironic joke or something? Who cares about those rooms now? Of course they are safe.
  • Flipzors


    If these sites are international companies than what jurisdiction does the FBI have over them? I can understand that it is illegal for US players to gamble online but how can they charge and convict a company in another country (without being extradited to the US of course)?
  • Navrark


    No news since 2am GMT on Sunday...

    No post from FTPDoug at 2+2 yet that I can see...