Leaked Tapie Email and PokerStrategy.com Response

An email from Laurent Tapie to several employees of Full Tilt Poker has been leaked at Diamond Flush Poker. Find out the details and view an official PokerStrategy.com response to the situation.

Today, Diamond Flush Poker leaked an email sent from Laurent Tapie of Groupe Bernard Tapie (GBT) to 16 upper-level employees of Full Tilt Poker.

The email contains plans for GBT to form a new poker site with the help of those FTP employees, and it defends the Tapie group's previous strategy for player repayment.

Within the email, Tapie states “I am also negotiating with PokerStrategy to resurrect an affiliate arrangement similar to that which I was negotiating with FTP.”

PokerStrategy.com Statement

Due to the recent publication of an allegedly leaked email from Laurent Tapie to key Pocket Kings stakeholders and employees, PokerStrategy.com can confirm that representatives of our company previously visited with GBT and the Full Tilt Poker staff in Dublin to discuss potential partnership, consulting, and liquidity building initiatives for a re-launched Full Tilt Poker brand.

Prior to its closure in June 2011, Full Tilt Poker had been a major business partner of PokerStrategy.com, with over 30% of Full Tilt Poker’s active players having originated from our website. As such, a large number of our community members are currently unable to access the bankrolls they held with Full Tilt Poker. Although we were only at the preliminary stages of our discussions, we hoped to be instrumental in ensuring that a re-launched Full Tilt Poker would allow for swift repayment of previous player balances, incorporation of an open and transparent approach to the segregation of player funds, and the elimination of possible future cash flow issues.

We at PokerStrategy.com frequently review partnership opportunities from a wide variety of poker rooms with the ultimate goal of adding value for our users. Since the news that their deal fell through, our conversations with GBT have been limited and we are unaware of their actual plans for establishing a standalone site.

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Comments (41)

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  • antstruk


  • supergaijin


  • achschelo


    LOL, lots of shady business going on in this house.
  • miropickle


    Er. I think everyone would like to know exactly *when* you were having these discussions.. rather than "previously visited with"...as surely this fact coming to light had some effect on how you were reporting Full Tilt issues in the past..?

    Also the second paragraph is a bit misleading really, since if you were that concerned about players from here who did not have their bankrolls maybe you'd have (partially) refunded them out of the payments you were getting from Full Tilt?

    Hum. Also why not comment on this after it was obvious the deal had fallen through, rather than wait for it to come out in a leaked email?
  • Tim64


    C'mon #4, #3. It's not PStrat's job to bail us out from FT's mess. It's a company's right to conduct negotiations in private. We weren't being adversly affected by absense of full disclosure. Lot of fuss about not much.
  • Xantos


    Just to add on this:

    We were in discussions with GBT/FTP *before* the recent news that the deal will not go through.

    Means we were discussing ways in which we could help re-launching Full Tilt Poker - as this is obviously in our players and ours interest.

  • Lazza61


    agree with @Tim64.Such negotiations generally have to be kept confidential until an accord is reached.
  • Cpwpoker


    free moneyzz *_*
  • Cpwpoker


    Double money XD!!!! If GBT poker launch free money + poker star repayment = double up !!!! yay i stack it XD!
  • KozakFB


    Why would you guys consider this shady business?? PokerStrategy is an affiliate site.. Its in their interest to keep tabs on the outcome of what used to be such a big partner.
  • qdlavgg


    pokerstrategy admitted here that they at least 30% of their income on BlackFriday... wow
  • Tomaloc


    pokerstrategy behavior looks standard to me

    i doubt it's in anyone's interest that things went like "LOOK we have a deal going!" then suddenly "oh not really, sorry lol" as it may be the case.
  • T3rMiT3



    Read again pls.
  • Aruniux


    come on its May 1 not April 1 :)
  • dreamer14


    How his new company could ""repay"" row players?
  • Cpwpoker


    From what I have read :

    GBP failed FTP because of repayment plan which was to give the bankroll to player to play to be withdraw within 18 months or max 5 yrs for very big roll where about 90% players would have been repaid on the spot.

    So now GBT want to make a new company but still want to repay row players with the same plan even if it would not be for ftp. Like a super big advertisement to attract all row ftp player in his new room.

    So free money from gbt if it works :D! and if pokerstar get ftb double up XD!
  • Shevtshenko


    lol @ "leaked e-mail".

    So i'm supposed to believe this wasn't just a publicity stunt for them?
  • Fagin


    @3 - I would have been very surprised if GBT had NOT approached PokerStrategy to discuss the relaunch of FTP - with so many of the FTP players being members here it would make sound business sense.

    @11 - It says nothing like that. All it does say is that 30% of FTP players were signed up there through PokerStrategy. Although that is a lot of players!
  • magetto


    I fail to see how GBP would repay FTP members because 'they feel sorry for them'. If they were to form a new site I'm almost sure they would dividend former FTP members in some sort of add on loyalty scheme.

    Furthermore, GBP did not fail FTP debtors in-so-much as the American DOJ held GBP to ransom in the final hours of a nearly completed deal to resurrect FTP. GBP cant be held responsible for the DOJ to 'move the goalposts' at the last minute.

    I think some of us are misinterpreting some of the info that has been provided in this 'leaked' memo.

    Pokerstrategy is only an affiliate and cannot be considered as shady by association. I tried to join FTP way back in time and they locked my account suspecting me of fraud (hahaha).

    If any good can come from this it will be in the form of a new site with new business model with (fingers crossed)a different take on a loyalty scheme where punters don't feel like they're being raked to oblivion.

    That is all......
  • Cassidy2010


    it aint gonna happen he open a new site.our money gone and im sick and tired of all the bs they say.for a year they give u hope,but nothing happen at the end of the day.they can choke in my 1200$,not worth it to put hope on it i get it back.
  • boboistina


    @#19 Who's GBP?

    @#20 Yeah I understand you completely, i'm also so sick and tired of this back and forth bs, and now we'll have to go through with it again with Pokerstars for months and months just as we did with GBT.
  • boboistina


    #19 "Furthermore, GBP did not fail FTP debtors in-so-much as the American DOJ held GBP to ransom in the final hours of a nearly completed deal to resurrect FTP. GBP cant be held responsible for the DOJ to 'move the goalposts' at the last minute."

    No the didnt fail, their way of " here is 100$ you can play with or witdraw and rest of your 50 000$ will need to be cleared by playnig, and btw if you stop playing for few months we'lll penalize you and reduce your 50k by 5% each month" method of repaying players was awesome, i dont know how DOJ couldnt agree on that?

    First of all its GBT not GBP, and dont post if you havent got a clue about the stuff you are posting about.
  • Heffron89


    If 30% of total players were from PS.com I Suppose ps.com knew about what were going to happen with FTP after blackfriday?

    And still they encouraged players to keep playing...
  • mihaiee


    all that poker strategy done was screw as over well done u dont give a shit abouth us DO U?
  • lodinn


    @24: yeah because doing so is great business.. na-ah
  • mihaiee


    i think pokerstrategy should be heald acountoble for wich poker sites they advertise
    and not be like oh we brink u the news were on ur side BULLSHIT
  • gsergiul


    You got your money for free mihaiee, they put their own money at risk not yours, I don't see your problem. I had money there as well but you can't in any way throw this @ pokerstrategy.


    @24 ps you cant blame the site r u crazy
  • mihaiee


    k so i give them there 50 bucks and they give me my 1450 dolars
    i m sorry to say but this is a bulshit site wich dosent protect u from sites like 888 and dose not inform u well on the risk as a consumer u face
    P S theres no honor amoung thewes


    @30 whata wrong whit 888?? was gonna give them a try
  • mihaiee


    888 has the worst random number generator i have ever seen it even dosent try to mimic real life poker
    almoust evry had is a stright flush qouads on the river
  • tammyccc


    lad,s your livin a dream we will never get are money back if pokerstars would a been the least bit interested they would a put a bid in a year ago.and the only people we can blame is full tilt not poker strategy from now on just be wise with your money an stay away from online poker its all a skam.
  • Waiboy


    @32 what method do they use for their RNG? how often is it audited? what issues, if any, are there with that auditing process? what would you suggest would be the best method of RNG? Or is it just the "vibe" of the thing?
  • mihaiee


    if u search on google poker is rigged u can hardly fiind good sites atesting that
    insted ul fiid advertising for poker and poker sites that make fun of people that think online poker is rigged
    this is becose by im not exagerating when i say conspiraci of the online gambling sites wich by money power control the first results on google
  • mihaiee


    this is a corrupt busines if u go to ogrish.in wich is the moust visual shooking site on the net u will fiind advertising for porn and of course poker sites
  • mihaiee


    that should make u think
    imo the best poker sitr however is partypoker wich sems to uncurege skill rather than chaous
  • Hahaownedlolz


    This mihaiee is a pretty good troll. 7/10 imo.
  • staktas


    nah.. not so good. good troll has to be concealed. Now it's clearly can be seen that he's trolling. 5/10 at best.
  • bullettooth1


    i cant see ftp coming back now. gbt was our best hope. stars is just blocking it so they can dominate the world of online poker and not have a "close" rival that was ftp.
    its a shame coz ftp was by far the best poker platform. :'(
  • britace80


    its all a load of crap,lost hope,interest and sick of waiting,RIP FULLILT
  • britace80