Mantelo wins the UCOP Main Event

The popular blogger from our English community has crushed a bunch of his annual goals in a single tournament.


If you have been following the blogs in our English poker forum for a while you will already know about the rise and rise of Mantelo.

In 2016 he started a blog with a modest goal of going to the WSOP, and since then he has gone on to crush online poker and win a bunch of packages to live events. 

His 2018 goals are plentiful and include becoming a top five MTT winner on MPN, winning a major online event and winning €50,000 this year. 

All of which he has appeared to have done, as on Sunday he won the UCOP Main Event for €16,500, which took his profit over €50,000, is clearly a major and probably makes him a top five MPN winner. He defeated 892 other players in the €110 Main Event.

But don't think this is a lucky score for one of our members, take a few minutes to look through his blog and you will see how hard he has worked over the last two years. For every results based goal he has there are process goals to like reading books, 400 hours of study for the year and health and fitness goals. There is a reason it is one of the most popular blogs in our forum. 

So congratulations to Mantelo from everyone at, this was no fluke!

Mantelo's big result

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Comments (7)

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  • olorunshogo24


  • Tara771


    congratulations. deserved result.
  • CucumbaMan


    Congrats man, huge respect!
  • silvasric


    Muitos parabéns,sigo o seu blog e merece pelo que tem feito.
  • Mantelo


    Thanks Barry for a very pleasant article :) and much appreciated guys for the comments! Never thought that there are so many readers :)
  • VorpalF2F


  • Elendil0


    Had the pleasure of meeting him both live and on online tables, nothing can stop this guy !