Mohsin Charania Wins the EPT Grand Final!

The 2012 PokerStars and Monte-Carlo Casino EPT Grand Final is in the books and American online pro Mohsin Charania is the champion. Italian coach Sergio Castelluccio finished in 4th place.

Mohsin Charania
Mohsin Charania
The PokerStars EPT Grand Final is over, and Mohsin Charania was the last player standing from a field of 665 participants. After reaching a deal with Lucille Cailly during heads-up play, he'll take home €1,350,000 for his accomplishment.

What happened at the final table?

Short stacks all around - Due to some very cautious (one might say "nitty") play from the players who made it deep in this tournament, 7 of the 8 players who reached the final table began with under 30 big blinds. Of those, 3 had less than 16 big blinds. Due to these short stacks, the table finished fairly quickly in less than 7 hours of play.

Bustouts begin - Late in the first level of play, Daniel Gomez was the first to hit the rail when he moved all-in with AsQh and was called by both Rodrigo Caprioli who tabled JcJd and coach Sergio 'geniodelletartarughe' Castelluccio who ultimately won the hand with KcKd. Both Canadians at the table, Clayton Mozdzen and Michael Dietrich, quickly hit the rail in 7th and 6th respectively when they lost preflop coinflips of their own shortly afterwards.

Castelluccio moves up and then out - With 5 players left, Castelluccio continued moving upwards. He sent Rodrigo Caprioli to the rail with Ace-diamonds8c when Caprioli had QcQh - luckily the Ah came on the river. Unfortunately, Castelluccio himself was the next to bust when he 4-bet shoved preflop against Lucille Cailly with JdJh and Cailly decided to call with AsQd. She turned the Qh and Castelluccio hit the rail in 4th place, taking €400,000 with him. Congratulations Sergio!

Bernard Guigon out in 3rd - Bernard Guigon was... perhaps not the most experienced player at this table. He held on for as long as he could but ultimately he met his demise with Ac4h against Mohsin Charania's KhQh when the flop came QcQs9d and Guigon couldn't catch runners.

Heads-up play - Heads-up play between Lucille Cailly and Mohsin Charania was put on hold while they two discussed a deal. Eventually they agreed upon Charania receiving €1,150,000, Cailly receiving €1,050,000, and the winner receiving the remaining €200,000. That €200,000 was finally decided on a preflop coinflip. Cailly held Ace-diamondsKc and Charania had QhQs. The board ran 9c3h2c7s2h, and Mohsin Charania was crowned the champion.
Charania is still known primarily as an online player with over $3.5 million in earnings as 'sms9231' and 'chicagocards1', but this €1,350,000 score is certain to alert the live circuit of his tournament prowess.

EPT Grand Final

Final Table Payouts

Place Name Prize
1st Mohsin Charania €1,350,000
2nd Lucille Cailly €1,050,000
3rd Bernard Guigon €545,000
4th Sergio 'geniodelletartarughe' Castelluccio €400,000
5th Rodrigo Caprioli €315,000
6th Michael Dietrich €245,000
7th Clayton Mozdzen €185,000
8th Daniel Gomez €130,000
Players: 1 (665)   |   Prize pool: €6,650,000

Check out some videos from the final table:

by Matt Kaufman

Peter Splettstößer

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    congrats to fellow winnipegger and buddy clayton mozdzen for his final table finish!
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    LOL donkaments final table