New Security Token Available on PartyPoker

PartyPoker has just added a security token - a new feature which will enhance the safety of your account. You can purchase the security token in PartyPoker's store for PartyPoints. Read on to find out more about this new feature.

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Your poker account's safety is very important when playing online, especially because there are various methods of compromising it.

In order to ensure maximum security from all the potential threats, PartyPoker has just introduced a new feature, the security token.

The security token can be purchased at PartyPoker's store for the following values:

  • Bronze players: 800 PartyPoints
  • Silver players: 600 PartyPoints
  • Gold players: 500 PartyPoints
  • Palladium players: 300 PartyPoints
  • Palladium Elite players: 200 PartyPoints

PartyPoker Security TokenAfter receiving your security token, you can enable it at any time from your profile. The token is easy to use and cannot get stolen on-line.

It generates a different number every 32 seconds and does not display it until you press the display button.

The number automatically disappears after 10 seconds and it will not change while it is displayed. The battery that comes with the security token lasts five to seven years under normal use.

You can login by either:

  • Entering your login and password the usual way. After you enter your log-in and password, a new window will open, where you should enter the code displayed on your security token.
  • Or adding the code displayed on the security token to the end of your password in the initial log-in page. For example, if your password is xxxxx and the code displayed is 123456, type xxxxx123456 in the password box.

What happens if you forget your security token?

As part of the login process, you can request a one time code to be sent to your mobile number. This is secure because you still need something you know (your password) and something you have on you (your cell phone) to login.

You can also call PartyPoker's security team and they'll either deactivate the token for either 30 minutes, or for good once they have established who you are.

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