PartyPoker Introduces New Rakeback Levels

Players at PartyPoker will be able to choose from a larger variety of different cash prizes and bonuses as a reward for their PartyPoints. Read on to find out what has been changed and how to get the most out of your PartyPoints.

logoHow does the PartyPoker reward system work?

• Depending on how many PartyPoints you collect on a monthly or quarterly basis, you are awarded a 'Key Level'.
• You can choose between immediate cash prizes or pending bonuses in exchange for your PartyPoints.
• Your 'Key Level' determines which rewards are available to you.

What do I need for which PartyPoker Key Level?

PartyPoker Key Levels
Key Level
per Month
per Quarter
per Month
per Quarter
Bronze 0 - 0 -
Silver 400 - 700 -
1,000 - 1,750 -
Palladium - 9,000 - 15,750
Palladium Elite
- 40,000 - 70,000


NEW: PartyPoker has reduced the requirements for Palladium Elite by 10,000 PartyPoints. Now you need 40,000 PartyPoints per Quarter (compared to 50,000 before) to reach and maintain the highest VIP status.

Please note: You receive 1.75 StrategyPoints for every PartyPoint you collect. This means that if you are a Gold member at, you should at least have the 'Silver Key Level' at PartyPoker. dia Diamond members should be able to collect the PartyPoints for 'Palladium' without too much hassle.


What can I get for my PartyPoints?

PartyPoker Rewards
Key Level
Cash Reward
Bronze 500 $10 4.00%
- -
Silver 750 $15 4.00% or $30 8.00%
Silver 1,500 $50 6.67% or $80 10.67%
Gold 3,000 $120
8.00% or $200 13.33%
Gold 6,000 $300 10.00% or $450 15.00%
Palladium 10,000 $600 12.00% or $1,000 20.00%
Palladium 20,000 $1,500 15.00% or $3,000 30.00%
Palladium Elite
40,000 $3,500 17.50% or $7,000 35.00%
Palladium Elite
100,000 $15,000 30.00% or $20,000 40.00%
Palladium Elite
300,000 $50,000 33.33% or $75,000 50.00%


What should I take? Cash or Bonus?

• If you are planning to move on to a different platform after collecting the points for a reward, choose cash
• If you want to continue playing on PartyPoker, taking the pending bonus usually makes more sense
• You need to collect 25% of the original price of the bonus to clear it
• Bonuses are paid out in five increments
• You have 180 days to clear a bonus


If you have the Key Level 'Gold' and 6,000 PartyPoints in your account, you can either receive $300 as a cash reward or $450 as a pending bonus.

The bonus is paid out in five increments of $90 and you need to collect 300 PartyPoints per increment. In total you need to collect 1.500 PartyPoints and if you are positive that you can collect these during the 180 day clearing period, clearing the bonus gives you an additional 5% rakeback.

Keep in mind that the points necessary to clear such a bonus remain in your account and count towards the next cash reward or bonus you want to take.

What has changed from the old system?

Key Level
Bronze Cash: No Change.
Bonus: No Change.
Silver Cash: New level: $15 (4% Rakeback) for 750 PartyPoints
Bonus: • 1,500 PartyPoints level bonus reduced from $100 to $80 (10.67% rakeback instead of 13.33%).
• New Level: $30 bonus (8% Rakeback) for 750 PartyPoints.
Comment: Slightly worse for most players as the best bonus was reduced from 13.33% to 10.67%.
Cash: • New levels: $120 for 3,000 PartyPoints (8% Rakeback) and $300 for 6,000 PartyPoints (10% Rakeback).
• Old level removed: $200 for 4,000 PartyPoints (10% Rakeback).
Bonus: • New levels: $200 bonus for 3,000 PartyPoints (13.33% Rakeback) and $450 bonus for 6,000 PartyPoints (15% Rakeback).
• Old level removed: $350 bonus for 4,000 PartyPoints (17.5% Rakeback).
Comment: Slightly worse for all Gold players as the best bonus was reduced from 17.5% to 15%.
Palladium Cash: Cash rewards unchanged.
Bonus: 10,000 PartyPoints level bonus reduced from $1,200 to $1,000 (20% Rakeback instead of 24%).
Comment: No relevant change. The rakeback through a bonus at the 10,000 PartyPoints level has been reduced slightly, but it makes sense for most players to save up for the (unchanged) 20,000 PartyPoints bonus anyway.
Palladium Elite
Cash: New levels: $3,500 for 40,000 PartyPoints (17.50% Rakeback) & $50,000 for 300,000 PartyPoints (33.33%).
Bonus: New levels: $7,000 bonus for 40,000 PartyPoints (35% Rakeback) & $75,000 bonus for 300,000 PartyPoints (50% Rakeback).
Comment: Significantly improved. Creating two new Palladium Elite levels gives VIP members at both end of the spectrum more choice. Strong grinders can now get 50% instead of 40%. With only 40,000 PartyPoints needed per quarter it is also substantially easier to reach this status.

As you can tell from the table above, the new rakeback levels have led to rakeback reductions at certain levels if you choose a bonus. Nothing changes for players who take the cash rewards.

The loss in rakeback at the Silver, Gold and Palladium levels is partially made up for by the introduction of new levels that give you a wider choice of how to spend your PartyPoints.


If you want to voice your thoughts and discuss the changes with other PokerStrategists on the forum, you can do this in our feedback thread.

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Comments (15)

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  • homiebd


    this new vip system, it sucks :@
  • MathhNes


    Allways found the VIP system on party to be bad, it got worse now unless you are a sick NL200+ grinder
  • sindeon


    Their system isn´t motivating at all - i´m playing NL2 atm, 2-4 tables (comfortable for me and making profit), but have collected only 40 PP this month so far (approx 12k hands). Yeah, 500 PP is waaaay out of my reach. And 400 PP per month is quite ridiculous goal. They should improve their system to motivate new players like me (or players on microstakes overall).
  • BoyRobot777


    i moved to ftp in super timing... this blows to lower limit players..
  • Zemnieks11


    it got worse for micro and low stakes players
  • luizsilveira


    But I feel that's what Party Poker is on about... not really trying to boost the micro. That's a huge mistake imo, as apparently they drag lots of players thus making traffic, disseminating image/etc.

    It's on the same line of charging 25% fee for a turbo SNG (0.80+0.20), that's just absurd.

    Thumbs down.
  • andreimgs


    So... they wanna lose microstakes players ?

    Beacause this is what I see here. Very bad strategy in my opinion !
  • pogodon


    i never played here whats the traffic like
  • Targetme


    Well I sapose this does int effect me because I save up for 20k pp (30%) takes 3 or 4 months multi tablin nl25 and some 50. If you have the patience It shouldn't effect anyone nl50 or above but certainly a hit for smaller volumn and lowest stake players
  • datsmahname


    @3 "Their system isn´t motivating at all"

    I totally agree. I emailed support just this month complaining about the same problem.

    They gave me the standard response about VIP rewards & bla bla bla.
  • KingMox


    They are on downsize trend, but as much as they will continue to maintain a high charge the number of users will decrease even more.
  • MichaelGotAA


    We just want rakeback, not point exchange schemes. When will PP realise this? Until then I will play else where.
  • Targetme


    I think this will get rid of the regs and more fish for me....
  • alejandrosh


    meh, will lose around 700 yearly (lol volume). It sucks but it's not a disaster imo
  • doomsd


    yes it is hard for low lvl tournments and sngs but then again what reward you wana for raking 20 dollars ? even with 50 rakeback that will be only 10 dolrs in rakeback lol