Phil Ivey in London not Vegas

Poker Hall of Fame nominee in the UK to present his challenge in his Crockfords legal dispute over withheld £7.8m Baccarat winnings.

Phil Ivey in London Court

Phil Ivey’s battle with Crockfords Casino is set to go to the Supreme Court today as the player aims to legally dispute his withheld £7.8 million prize money.

The 40-year-old American, who has completely sidestepped this year’s WSOP, is challenging last year’s decision to rule in favour of the Crockfords Club in Mayfair, part of the Genting group, over his 2012 Baccarat winnings.

The argument dates back five years after Ivey played a successful session of Baccarat known as Punto Banco and expected his cash to be wired to him back in Nevada but received only his £1 million stake money instead.

Genting then accused the 10 time WSOP bracelet holder of edge-sorting, hence the current standoff.

There was much speculation that the player, a shoe-in for the Poker Hall of Fame, would make an appearance at some WSOP events this summer, including the Main Event. With the Main Event currently in progress right now, any appearance the star player might have made would obviously conflict with today’s court appearance.

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