Play Money tournament...for charity?

We round-up some stories you may have missed including nosebleed events in Macau and a parrot in a card room (yes really).

Play Money Charity tournament

right to play

While some people actually choose to buy Play Money chips rather than just deposit to play real money, they don't have any value outside of poker, until now. 

On April 6 at 20:00 EST, PokerStars are hosting a Play Money tournament and the first 5,000 players to enter will have $10 donated to Right to Play in their name by PokerStars. 

The tournament ID is 2243852571 and the charity helps almost two million children in Asia, Africa and the Middle East build critical life skills. 

Bicknell wins APPT High Roller

The nosebleed community is in Macau this week for the PokerStars APPT and ahead of the Super High Roller Bowl China event later this week (which like its American counterpart will be the equivalent of $270,000 to enter and restricted to just 49 players). 

Until then, partypoker Pro and two-time bracelet winner Kristen Bicknell has just taken down the APPT High Roller event for the equivalent of $279,549 after defeating High Roller super star David Peters heads-up. 

Yes, that's a parrot at a poker table

Service pets are popular in America and Florida is considered a very eccentric State, but even with that in mind this is a very unusual sighting at any poker table. 

TV poker with Joe Ingram 

Speaking of the Super High Roller Bowl in China this week, one of the men behind the biggest changes in televised poker, Sam Simmons of PokerGo. The two talk about the digital subscription model, Poker After Dark's relaunch and much more:

Do you subscribe to PokerGo? What is the strangest thing you have seen in a poker room? Let us know in the comments:

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