Player with 600,000 chips thrown out of Main Event

As the WSOP reaches the money, one player goes home empty handed for reasons he should have entirely predicted.

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Most people will leave Vegas with a story about how unlucky they were, or how badly they messed up a hand, to exit the Main Event. However, one player is going home with an entirely preventable bustout story. 

A player was ejected last night despite having 630,000 chips (A very healthy stack, the current chip leader has 1.4 million) because he registered with a false identity. According to

It turns out that this player had been banned from all Caesars properties and thus barred from entering World Series of Poker tournaments. The player had knowingly bypassed security, going to great lengths to hide his real identity when registering for this tournament. When tournament organizers found out, his stack was terminated, and the chips were removed from the tournament. He left the premises without incident. His tournament buy-in remains in the prize pool, so the payout is not affected by this incident.

The speculation within the poker community is that this player had previously been caught counting cards at a Caesars venue in Baltimore and had also previously been barred from all their events for causing a scene multiple times. 

This was always going to happen to this player, had he got any deeper he inevitably would have started attracting media attention and/or would have been featured on a TV table.

At the time of writing the Main Event is on the bubble with 1,086 players remaining and 1,084 getting paid at least $15,000. 

Have you seen a more preventable way to exit a tournament? Let us know in the comments:

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