PokerStars announce $4 million Mountain Series

A new series with progressive buy-ins from $11 to $2,100 is coming to PokerStars next month.

mount everest

Fresh off the heels of a very successful Sunday Million Anniversary event, PokerStars have unveiled a new series with big guarantees.

The 'Mountain Series' runs between April 7-10 and features ten events with increasingly larger buy-ins. It starts with the $11 'Sugarloaf' which has a $100,000 guarantee and culminates in the $2,100 'Mount Everest Main Event' with a $1.5 million guarantee. 

As always satellites for all these Mountain-themed events will be running around the clock at PokerStars.

Team PokerStars Pro Online member Jaime Staples said: “Mountain Series looks like a great new addition to the PokerStars online festival schedule. The huge variety of buy-in levels means players at all stakes can participate, and I can’t wait to get involved, too, by playing and Twitch-streaming several events.”

You can see the full schedule below (No Limit unless otherwise stated):

EventTime & DateGuarantee
$11 Sugarloaf  April 7, 14:00 ET $100,000
$33 Snaefell (PSKO) April 7, 16:00 ET $100,000
$55 Olympus April 8, 14:00 ET $100,000
$109 Fuji (Six Max) April 8, 16:00 ET $100,000
$215 Matterhorn (PLO, Triple Stack) April 9, 12:00 ET $150,000
$320 Mont Blanc (PSKO) April 9, 14:00 ET $350,000
$530 Elbrus (Eight Max, Re-Entry, 2-day) April 9, 16:00 ET $500,000
$700 Kilimanjaro April 10, 12:00 ET $750,000
$1,050 Denali (PLO, Rebuy) April 10, 13:00 ET $500,000
$2,100 Mount Everest Main Event (Re-Entry) April 10, 14:30 ET $1,500,000

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  • ekisz


    Guarantees praty low, shity series, whit no added value.
  • Mark1790


    Guaranteed mountain of rake for the grabbing bas*****.
  • GrindingNajra


    Weak idea.
  • GrindingNajra


    What do we get next Matruschka tournament series or cardhunt......pfff i'm tilting
  • hoopex