PokerStars launch PLO Spin & Go's

A four card version of lottery SNGs is now in the PokerStars lobby, which include SCOOP satellites.

The ever growing Spin & Go format has taken a new turn today, with the launch of Pot Limit Omaha Spins in the PokerStars lobby. 

Thus far there are four regular buy-in levels, which mirror their equivalent Hold'em level in terms of maximum multipliers. 

$1 PLO Spins have a $10,000 maximum multiplier, $3 PLO Spins have a $30,000 maximum, $7 PLO Spins will have a $70,000 maximum and the biggest buy-in level of $15 will have a maximum prizepool of $150,000.

There is also a $5 Spin & Go buy-in exclusively for tickets to the upcoming SCOOP festival for Even t#5 ($27, $215 and $2,100 PLO).

The popularity of these will be interesting, given that Spin & Go is largely marketed to recreational players and PLO is considered more of an advanced game. 

PLO Spin Lobby
The PLO Spin & Go lobby

Is this good for fans of PLO overall if new players might be taking up the game via Spin & Go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments:

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Comments (17)

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  • tonypmm


    Yeah, baby!!! I and many others have been waiting for this for 30 months!!!
  • Tichwich85


  • Mandator


    Pretty sure they can be beatable as Holdem Spin&GO, but the variance should be brutal as hell!!!
  • narucy


  • martinstids


    it will be as popular as hu PLO
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    OMG was just thinking about this the other day, directly followed by the thought it would never happen and now it does. 3 way all in 33-34-33% lol
  • tadneit


    This will be a total new kind of playing lottery hahaha. I hope someone come up with an effective strategy.
  • BarryCarter


    Well guys I am officially announcing my retirement as a winning PLO Spin player, it was a fun ride.
  • tonypmm


    Barry, you meant to say, your retirement as a recreational player to become a PLO 'Spin & Go Pro', didn't you? :p
  • krugger3000


    No open shove on the first hand :'(
  • Tichwich85


    @10 yes annoying indeed
  • BarryCarter


    #10 LOL, yes I thought the same. Honestly my (LOL sample size) surprise with these ones was how slow they were compared to NLHE.

    I kinda enjoyed them and I suspect they will be profitable/good for PLO grinders overall, but having played a few PLO tournies over the year they strangely tend to be nitty in the tourney format
  • IvicaIliev77


    Nooooo. Dear recreational players, stay on NLHE Spins :D
  • tonypmm


    #12 Barry, firstly, PLO MTTs are nitty at the late stages because of the payjumps / ICM.

    PLO Spins were rather nitty too, but on April 19, a new structure with antes has been adopted there (but not in NLHE ones):
  • tonypmm


    ICYMI, PLO Spins have been added to Kyyberi's tonight's 'PLO Buffet' coaching as an 'appetizer' though he's not yet sure how to approach these games properly.
  • tonypmm


    And now I've started wishing that Stars introduced those antes of 0.3 bb and 50 bb starting stacks in order to break all the extensive preflop charts that have been made until now :p
  • tonypmm


    * introduce the same antes / blinds in the NLHE Spins as in the PLO ones.