PokerStars launch new format - Showtime Hold'em

As Split Hold'em is removed from the lobby it is replaced with a new game where every folded card is revealed to the players still in the hand.

Earlier this week we brought you the news that Split Hold'em was removed from the PokerStars lobby after a trial period. Today another new format has been added in its place - PokerStars Showtime Hold'em. 

It plays exactly like regular No Limit Hold'em, the only difference is that as soon as a player folds their hand the rest of the players still in the hand can see what has been mucked so far. The only hand which ultimately doesn't get shown is a winning hand where the final opponent folds (but it can be voluntarily shown after).

showtime pokerstars

This should impact both present and future decisions. During the hand as more players drop out, the remaining players get more information. For example, in the image above the Hero knows that their 2nd pair is slightly stronger than usual because one of the sevens for a better pair is removed.

It also impacts future action, as the rest of the table will be aware of how tight your previous folds have been. 

To get an idea of how the game plays out, here is Lex Veldhuis joined by Fintan and Spraggy, showing you how it's done. 

PokerStars Showtime Hold'em will be available today in the PokerStars lobby as a cash game. The stakes start at $0.02/$0.05 all the way to $5/$10 with everything in-between. Like Split Hold'em before it, it is currently a limited time only trial. 

Do you like the look of this format? Let us know in the comments:

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Comments (8)

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    They spelt Lex' name wrong in the video lol
  • BarryCarter


    It sounded like he said wrong too
  • SDK1987


    This way it's easier to calculate odds with knowing the hole cards, but not sure I like that.
  • nsavov


    This sounds really cooooool. Would be even cooler in PLO and Courcheval.
  • BarryCarter


    With Courcheval you would pretty much be playing face up poker
  • Agiz19


    LOL another Degen money grab for stars
  • Tobman78


    looks great
  • MacRolb


    yes wonderfull