PokerStars launch new format - Split Hold'em

A new No Limit variant has launched in the PokerStars lobby with two boards instead of one, but everything else is the same.

Fans of live dealer's choice and fun home games will probably recognise the new format from PokerStars - Split Hold'em. It is essentially 'Double Flop Hold'em' which is exactly as the name suggests. 

It works exactly like a standard No Limit Hold'em cash game but two flops, turns and rivers are dealt. This means a lot of split pots unless you scoop both boards or manage to take it down with a bluff. 

The game only uses one 'deck' meaning that if the Ace of Diamonds is on board one, it cannot be drawn on board two. This makes for an interesting dynamic where you have a better idea of your outs on one board because some of them will be on the other board. 

It therefore plays a lot like Omaha Hi/Lo with the split pots meaning there is probably more action, more 'winning moments' and likely keeps more recreational player money in the ecosystem for longer.  

Split Hold'em
Split Hold'em

The rake is the same as a standard No Limit cash game (it is not taken per board). The current stakes go from $0.02/$0.05 all the way to $10/$20 with all the usual ones in between. 

Have you tried this new format yet? Share your thoughts in the comments:

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Comments (8)

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  • nsavov


    Now this is cool!
    But how does it work? Is it 2x Flop - 2x Turn - 2x River or Board 1 - Board 2? If its the latter the minimum buy in should be 200bbs.
  • LemOn36


    I loved 6plus when it came out, might give this one a shot too. Shouldn't the rake be lowered maybe for these as a no limit split pot game? Not sure how it works out effectively
  • koiota1


    I played it last night before bed ,its interesting .Loads of players dont no what to do tbh ...was fun.
  • BarryCarter


    I quite enjoyed it, my wife loved it, be interesting to see if it develops into a really tight game or really loose (in terms of player population)
  • Tichwich85


    Seen very loose plays, easy money so far, getting called down by third pairs. Maybe because many hope to hit one board only and dont count on the fact its possible to win both boards, dunno was weird to see
  • Kyyberi


    More split pots, more paid rake per hand.
  • mrbooom88


    Looks interesting
  • tuliosousa25


    That is trash!!!