PokerStars to increase rake

The changes, which amount to an overall increase of 4%, come into effect starting next week.

pokerstars office

On their corporate blog PokerStars have announced that as of March 28 they will be increasing their rake across several games, on the main shared liquidity platform. 

There will be an overall increase of 4%, and the main changes will be as follows:

  • Spin & Go rake will be increased by one percentage point for buy-ins from $1 to $30 (two percentage points in $3 buy-in). $0.25, $60 and $100 buy-ins will not change.
  • In multi-table tournaments, PokerStars will match the practices deployed in closed liquidity markets where rebuys and add-ons incur fees similar to the original entry. These tournaments represent approximately 12% of the current main schedule.
  • MTT hyper-turbo rake will be increased to 5%.
  • Cap and percentage of rake will be increased in some no limit and pot limit ring games, mainly heads-up. Some rake caps will be lowered. Limit games will not be affected.

PokerStars pointed out that under their new structure, they still have the lowest rake overall of any major poker operator. In the graph below they used a sample of one million hands played at PokerStars and how they would have been raked on rival networks.

pokerstars rake vs competition
PokerStars still has the lowest rake on average

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Comments (23)

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  • NothingIsForSho


    Looks like they haven't raped the system enough apparently. Prepare to lube up everyone.
  • iSoOwnYou


    I jumped ship at the last round of fleecing, happy with my decision.
  • sirilidion


    #2 +1
  • FollowTheSmartMoney


    I just do not play there any longer and that is it.
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    Same technique used everywhere even by politicians, if you just let people get used to tiny changes along the way, in cases where you know they would revolt against a big change, you can still reach the same desired goal just takes a few more steps/time to get there.
  • MisterSnS


    this won't apply for cashgames doesn't it? I don't really mind then...
  • ekisz


    Better they put at least those 3% ant promotions, not in they pocket
  • GrindingNajra


    #5 Which is called the foot in the door effect.
  • peedek


    Overall increase of 4% means what? For example, if the tourney was $10+$1 before, newly it will $10+$1.4 or $10+$1.04? I mean what is the base for the increase of 4%. It is very important as it makes a big difference
  • martinstids


    #9 It means if u raked 1000$ now you will rake 1040$ in average
  • peedek


    Ok it means the 2nd choise. That would yet be the bearable.
  • MP89EST


    #10 No it doesn't. Its just some marketing BS. If you are 30s player in spins then how is raising the rake from 5% to 6% only 4% increase?

    Regarding ho they raised rake in MTTs/SNGs mainly, its fun to see they post graph about CG rake diffrences.

    This should be real graph: (to give some idea anout the effect of changes in MTTs)


  • mafaz


    its a joke as they got like 0,8M in rake from sunday million alone....
    wheres the fucking limit for these greedy bastards? Never enough is it?
  • cozaro


    I think it's time for regs to reunite against stars changes. Maybe if most of regs stop playing rebuys mtts, stars can go back with this change, it's inaceptable as most regs will do at least 1 rebuy and 1 add-on, it will be a 200% rake increase.
  • SawyerNS


    It may never be over, Hero.
  • c0nstrictor


    Greedy pigs, they are going to destroy the client. I'm gonna stop playing on ps really soon.
  • Owl64


    Meh. Pretty standard.
  • LeliannaLee


    I'll never play another rebuy.

    Wtg, to put new players off! I guess $3 billion a year profit isn't enough for you!
  • cedhabs


    Bunch of Thieves and A$$hole. They don't make enough money. Billion of net profit and they want even more. They know that they almost have monopole, so they continue sodomize players. For me, I already have Party Poker and 88 Poker account, so i'm just going to stop playing on pokerstars
  • zuksters83


    I guess they have too many players. One way to get rid of some part - unless tons of GREAT promotions for existing players (not only new) are on their way.
  • NatRPheM


  • Naixy


    Is there a way to avoid this, or we are doomed to the will of amaya, the other "strikes" have failed :(