PokerStars to limit cash game multi-tabling to six tables

Another major step in the way PokerStars is changing its online ecosystem will be to restrict cash game players to no more than six tables at once.

Brian Rast

They will be testing out this new system in Italy from July 17 with a view to rolling it out globally. Zoom and other games will retain the current table caps they have. 

In a blog post Severin Rasset said that most of their customers only play one table at a time and that the most frequent complaint they get is that the game is too slow. While agreeing that multi-tablers act faster in general, they can suddenly slow down all their tables when they have a big decision. 

Rasset said that 0.3% of their customers played seven or more tables at once. He commented:

We also fully expect the current multi-tablers to adapt by focusing more on each table and, as a result, win more at those tables. In light of previous changes, we expect that winning more will be achieved by playing a wider range of hands and giving more action, which will lead to a much more fun game for all players.

The same blog post was an update on the new SeatMe system that PokerStars are testing in Spain, France and Portugal which eliminates table selection entirely.

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Comments (17)

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  • TurokRider


    Kill the regs part...5?
  • nostic1


    sharing is caring more for other sites hahaha
  • MJPerry


    #1 if only 0.3% of players play more than six tables as stated then I don't think a decision that doesn't affect 99.7% of poker players is "killing the regs"
  • CucumbaMan


    Wow that is reaaaally interesting. They are trying to make life of regs much harder, and help the casual players. And it seems like they have much more casual guys.
  • TurokRider


    #3 I don't think it will effect many people, but the (few) people that are effected are the regs.
  • Thiamtan


    okay so nobody can do world record anymore on play poker some ekly do
  • Tichwich85


    Go for anonymous tables directly instead of this...whatever it is
  • And3street


    No more regs on pokerstars. That is their main issue. They are killing them selves not just the regs. This will affect everyone. If I suddently want to play 20 tables. Why is pokerstars there to stop me... I want to be free to choose how many tables I play. As a fish player that I am I want the liberty to play as many tables as I want...when I want, if I choose to do so... But who cares about what people wants..
  • nsavov


    #9 No, you dont understand. When you play 6 tables you focus more and the game becomes more fun for the fish! Fishes get too bored when you dont focus in every hand. They will have soo much more fun when you analyze every situation to the max! Also this way you can play more hands per table and thus pay more rake per table. And we all know about how good rake is for the game, right? This way there will be basically no losers in the game.
    By the way how many flags have you guys gotten from the chests? Flag hunting was way more fun than having 25% rakeback!
  • grimpop


    Yet another reason to leave stars. First they reduced the time limit, which makes it a lot harder to multitable. Back in the days I used to multitable 24 tables on stars but now that's impossible and I can only play like 12 - 14 tables. To reduce it to 6 tables is just nonsense. In that case they should also reduce the number of tournaments you can play at the same time, includin sats! Thank god I have found a better site to play on.
  • eduardovbp


    Poker Stars is killing yourself, it is a good time for Party poker improve their software and attract all Regs for there.
  • nabokow


    no more 12-tabling for me? :( I quit.
  • nabokow


    I think way more than 0.3pct of players plays 7+ tables.
  • arthurbentley


    Good riddance to the 24-tabling 3/bet monkeys. None of you can play without a HUD and the game will improve and be more fun for those who like to play poker the way it should be played, by reads and tells.
  • nabokow


    might as well start playing live, 20-30 hands per hour, feels like 6-tabling :D
  • iBerserker89


    RIP PS
  • k0kki3


    This is one change I have no problem at all. As I have stated many times I hate break-even after rakeback masstabling game drying wannabe pros more than anything. There you are grinding for that 5 million hand sample to finally accept the fact that you really are break-even with what amount of tables you choosed to play. You take fish money and rakewhore it all away to the pokersite. Tell me, what exactly is the point of doing that? Maybe create a thread if you want to answer.