PokerStars update All-in display rules

All in-play hands will now be visible in All-in scenarios, even in cash games.

pokerstars all-in

PokerStars have updated their software so that all hole cards are now displayed in All-in situations. 

Previously only tournaments would immediately show hole cards before running out the board and cash game players would be able to hide their cards, with only the winning hand forced to show. 

This has now changed and hole cards in cash games will be displayed in every All-in scenario. 

This move would mean that players no longer have to bring up the hand history database to look at what their opponent had. It would also reduce the advantage players with tracking software would have, as that often shows a pop-up of the previous hand on the Heads-Up Display. 

There isn't much doubt that this update has the recreational player in mind, reducing any disadvantage they may have from not using tracking software, letting them see the real time odds of their hand on every street and also just making the experience of All-in situations more exciting (and less confusing). 

Do you agree with this update? Let us know in the comments. 

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Comments (10)

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  • Hesticus


    I am not 100% sure whether they are aware but definitely fair enough to do imo
  • slippyjim


    I never understood why it was different between cash games and tournies anyway, makes sense
  • bigdog63


    fair enough
  • imgoingtomirage


    The fair thing to do would be to hide mucked hands from appearing in hand histories (trackers & replayer). That's the real and unfair advantage regular players have over recreational ones. What they did instead is they changed the rules of Hold'em, because in vast majority of cases you are not obliged to show the losing hand in cash games if you don't want to.
  • AlphaVillain


    I agree with #4, but recreational players would not be happy about that and they would somehow find it as another "piece of evidence" that online poker is rigged. That's why they made this decision, which offers more transparency to recreationals.
  • NatRPheM


    In online poker they have to do it this way, if not you'd see a ton of spam posts claiming poker is rigged and that cards are "changed" to make them lose when the showdown arrives. Live and Online is simply not the same and it can't work the same way cause of people already being sceptical about online legitimacy. The more that is shown, the more comfortable most players feel about the site being legit and not "rigged against them".
  • Dawidas888


    I agree with #6. I think it is important that new players are comfortable playing online and seeing the opponents cards when they lose adds to the comfort.
  • daveyk2000


    They haven't changed the rules. You can always ask to see a players all in hand, in a live cash game if you wish to.
  • msroboto


    Not in cash. You can fold in an all-in situation you are not required to show cards (in most places).
  • RaucheCh1987


    what #4 says - in (live) Cashgame you don't have to show you cards unless you claim you've got the winning hand (or you've been the one moving all-in) afaik. They should've changed it the other way removing the cards from the replayer and history too.