to be restricted to French only players

Players in France have been informed that changes coming soon will restrict player pools to French residents alone.

PokerStars France

PokerStars’ members in France have started receiving emails informing them that, as from February 13, residents of mainland France or the country’s overseas territories, will be the only players allowed to access the site, following a change in company policy.

At present, where allowed, players from other European jurisdictions can access PokerStars’ French site but the move seeks to eliminate this option, reducing the player pools to French residents only.

In the email, Amaya owned PokerStars have credited the changes as an “an effort to adapt to a constantly changing environment”.

The email also made the reassuring point of stating that player funds remain safe and can be withdrawn, while StarsCoin can be spent at the VIP store, with the exception of online tournament tickets.

The move is the latest to hit the French poker market as, in October last year, it was announced that the country’s gambling regulator, ARJEL, were involved in shared liquidity discussions with other ring-fenced online poker markets in Italy, Spain and Portugal, as well as the open UK market to merge player pools.

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  • mp89




  • Mandator


    #2 Why is that good??
  • NIVEKii


    #3 Perhaps because that will make people play more on the international client rather than playing on both .fr and .eu, or .fr exclusively.

    Can't see this being a good thing for the French players though, their numbers are being cut by this.
  • tonypmm


    #4 - it's the other way round - those who play at .fr sites from outside France are usually consistent winners, they'll have to quit .fr and will start taking money out of the .com poker ecosystem, while all the .fr fish will be left for French regs' exclusive dinner.
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    Oh hey tony long time no see :D
  • 1mad1bad


    Suport this rulle :)