PokerStrategist Allanon85 Wins The Sunday Million

This morning, Allanon85 won the Sunday Million on PokerStars and thus $177,450.

Allano85 Grabs the Sunday Million
7,245 players signed up for the biggest weekly online tournament on PokerStars on Sunday evening. A guaranteed $1.5M were in the pot, waiting to be shared amongst 1,080 players. About eleven hours later, Allanon85 was set as the winner.

PokerStars Sunday MillionAt the final table, he defeated Team PokerStars Pro Soren Kongsgaard amongst other players. With only three people left, the players agreed to a deal which paid off Allanon85 - who was the chip leader - with $147,450. $30,000 remained in the pot for the winner, which also moved over to Allanon's bankroll after he sent the two US American players aty79 and cdbr3799 to ranks 2 and 3.

"Pictures speak louder than words", the winner commented on his success.

For Allanon85, who usually plays every tournament starting at $11 upwards, it was the biggest success in his career so far. However, it wasn't the first one. Only a few days earlier, he reached rank 4 and 2 in a $55+ event for $5,736 and $8,445 amongst others. Furthermore, he added a second rank in the $109 on PokerStars for about $8,100.
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Comments (5)

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  • Cardbender


    holy crap good job!!!!!!!!!
  • Cardbender


    you want to stake me for the sunday mill Allanon85 :)
  • 1seednoir1


    very nice job man... I'm looking forward to move to Pokerstars. I hope a bit of your good luck will HIT me!!!
  • 1seednoir1


    I bet you should tell us what's your secret since this is not your only winning in a small matter of time!!!
  • JayRichh1


    Congrats ! insanocut (6th place) is a real life buddy of mine. Never even knew about this until I read this article and seen his name hahaha. Congrats again! Keep It Up !