PokerStrategy coach kurrkabin wins $216k Spin & Go

Our SNG coach tells us about how he celebrated his birthday in style, winning the biggest jackpot game on PokerStars.

The only thing better than watching the Champions League final is winning $180,000 when you do it.

Our SNG coach kurrkabin, who is a regular in our SNG forums, has been playing the $60 Spin & Gos for a while now, and on Saturday found himself playing in the $216,000 jackpot game.

Not only was he fortunate enough to find himself playing for the jackpot, his SNG skills managed to take him all the way to the $180,000 first prize. On top of that it's his birthday today. Does life get any better than this?

kurrkabin's $180k spin & go win
A screenshot from his win

A $180,000 birthday surprise

$180,000 Spin & Go winner kurrkabin

We grabbed a few words with our coach after the win: 

Congrats! How does it feel to hypothetically have a $1m an hour win rate?

kurrkabin: I could get used to that easily, too bad it's quite unsustainable long term.

When did you start playing Spin & Gos?

kurrkabin: I've been playing mostly mid-stakes SNGs for the last few years mixing sometimes with $100s when the action/games are good. I battled my way into the $30 HU hyper division and shortly after I decided to mix them with $60 Spins on PokerStars.

I still play both formats (HU hypers and Spins), though my main focus is on Spins. Hopefully they will introduce the $100s soon. The move came easy actually since I tried the game out of curiosity and soon after realised how much potential there is in them. I try to put in about 3-4k games a month together with HU hypers. Usually around 2.5k-3k $60 Spins and rest goes for Hypers.

What have you been working on to make sure you are a winning player in these games, even when there is no big multiplier?

kurrkabin: I basically work a lot on my heads-up skills, lately I've been putting a lot of work into my three-way game trying to improve SB vs BB and how to optimise button ranges too.

For improving your own game, I like this saying a lot: Hard work overcomes talent, when talent doesn't work hard. So hard work, but also effective work (focusing on the right details) will get you many places. Improving is a never-ending process. Once you think you've learned it all, you might very well find yourself on a downswing.

This all happened during the Champions League final too right?

kurrkabin: It's crazy because actually I was a bit behind with my daily volume, so I was trying to cut in every minute. I watched the game till minute 92 of 95 minutes, because it seemed like a done deal. Two minutes later I hit the big multiplier! If I finished watching the final, I would've missed it!

Happy Birthday! An extra big celebration now we take it?

kurrkabin: I actually had a big celebration planned anyway for my birthday, so this win has fit well into my schedule.

Congratulations from everyone at 

Barry Carter

Barry Carter

is the editor of and the co-author of The Mental Game of Poker 1 & 2.

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  • svonja


    PokerStrategy coach kurrkabin wins $216k Spin & Go
  • Zanardi1


    While we were both watching the Champions League final, he was pocketing the $180k, I was binge drinking with my friends. I really, really hate myself now :(
  • WhiteWalker


    You just have to keep playing and put in the volume, anything can be done with good BRM
  • WhiteWalker


    These wins are crazy, I am glad to see that there are players beating these games after a lot said they would be too high variance.
  • kurrkabin


    Thanks a lot for the congratulations and yeah, def. lol @ Barry :p
  • SvenBe


    good one, Barry!

    Also again,gratz kurrkabin!
  • Tim64


    Gratz man! - only just saw this. More than deserved - well done, you! :)
  • BarryCarter


    If PokerStars are reading, my birthday is August 23, I'll be loading up the Spin & Gos from about 6pm :)
  • Afulibador


    Man, really nice being able to read that news! Good job, kurrkabin. Keep it going :)


  • LemOn36


    Wow grats!
  • lessthanthreee


  • LyToLV


    Congratz! and i will gona put in a hard job tu get something like that. :)
  • NutzAreOk


    Congratz! :)
  • rompas


    sweet one, nice work sir, congrats :-)
  • pokerman911985


    congratulations! this is not luck! most of them is as he sad hard work over talent! if you work hard you will hit your goals and begin to win. perhaps not all this money or yes.. you never know! good luck for all :-)
  • sxslimx


    Congrats! also want to get this luck :)