Police arrest 90-year old woman in home game

We have two shocking stories of arrests that took place in poker home games in the United States.

Mary Morgan
Mary Morgan

Once again poker home games in the United States have been the scenes of major arrests. 

Police in Albany stopped a home game at the house of Mary Morgan. The 90-year old was one of many arrested, making her the oldest woman ever to be arrested in her county. $4,100 in cash was also seized. 

It wasn't just a poker sting, as Deputy Chief Mark Scott confirmed:

"This operation was a result of a two month investigation into illegal activity at this residence which included illegal gambling, illegal alcohol sales, illegal tobacco sales, possession of cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana and spice."

Cheater manslaughter case concludes

Andre Lamar Moore
Andre Lamar Moore

Elsewhere Stateside, another man has been sentenced to at least seven years behind bars for a shooting at a poker game. 

Andre Lamar Moore pleaded no contest to involuntary manslaughter, which led to the death of his brother Jeffery Bernard Moore Senior. He claimed it was in self defence. 

He was shot in the chest after being caught cheating in their home game. 

"Liquor, card games and guns don't mix" said Moore's lawyer, Michael Ewing. 

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Barry Carter

Barry Carter

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