Polk's crypto channel bigger than his poker channel

The biggest YouTuber in poker looks like he might be the biggest YouTuber in cryptocurrency after less than three months.

If you were ever looking for proof of the links between poker and crypto, as well as how big the crypto space is becoming, here it is. 

It is remarkable that Polk has over 175,000 subscribers to his crypto channel in such a short space of time when it took him several years to get his poker channel to 174,000 (at the time of writing).

Obviously Bitcoin is still in its early stages at the moment with a lot of enthusiasm from people trying to learn more about it, whereas poker has been particularly popular since 2003. Polk also obviously attracted a lot of his 174,000 poker subscribers to his crypto channel, so he had a head start over brand new crypto YouTubers. 

Perhaps the biggest reason for his success, however, has been the fact that he is one of the few channels that regularly, fearlessly and amusingly calls out potential scammers in the crypto space. His second most viewed video is this one which exposed BitConnect as a possible Ponzi scheme shortly before the company went bust for essentially that:

With his previous and exemplary background in poker, and as an early crypto investor, obviously Polk does not need to heavily rely on advertising like a lot of other YouTubers, so he is able to pull no punches on the channel, which is no doubt why it is so popular. 

He doesn't have the biggest crypto channel in YouTube yet, but with that growth you would not bet against him. 

Will Polk one day be the biggest YouTuber in cryptocurrency? Let us know in the comments:

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  • anduke


    Makes a lot of sense, because of his loyal following from poker and crypto being huge and it's only getting started.