Royal Flush caught on stream for Parker Talbot

We round-up some of the best videos of the week including more from Hart vs Bolt and the World Champ playing some cash.

Royal for Tonkaaaaa

As always his stream features NSFW language but let's see how Parker Talbot reacted to a Royal Flush live on Twitch:

Drake or Hellmuth?

A fun game from Poker Central, who said it, Drake or Phil Hellmuth?

The Champ is Live at the Bike

Reigning World Champion Scott Blumstein is the latest big name to show off their cash game skills at Live at the Bike:

More investigation from Papi

As we reported last week, Joe Ingram is leading a one-man investigation of alleged cheating at ACR, here is his latest video:

Hart, Bolt and some Chicken Nuggets

Finally a video with Bolt, Hart, a forfeit and even some Dad Dancing from Daniel Negreanu:

Who are you watching this week? Let us know in the comments:

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  • Xixilo


  • CucumbaMan


    You gotta love Tonka, such a great guy and a great entertainer. Recently I kinda like Kevin Hart too. :)