Royal families to take part in $50 million poker game?

In today's Daily Rewind we look forward to EPT 100, reveal a surprising (if true) high stakes poker tournament and give further proof that Phil Ivey is not broke.

EPT hits 100 in Barcelona

Party in Spain
PokerStars is planning to celebrate its 100th EPT festival in style later this year with a bumper fiesta in Barcelona.

Kicking off on August 16 and running through until the 27, the organisers are expecting big things and have already ensured that an extra 20 poker tables are laid out for the potentially record-breaking event.

Barcelona has always been one of the top stops on the tour and last year a successful partnership with the Estrellas Poker Tour saw more than 3,000 players take part in two Main Events.

This time around the number of runners visiting Casino Barcelona is expected to top that amount and the EPT's President, Edgar Stuchly, said that the venue is a "very fitting" place to celebrate the organisation's 100th event.

$1 million royal flush

Game of thrones
According to a recent press release a new high stakes tournament will be taking place inside Sydney's Star Hotel and Casino, and, in addition to a $1 million buy-in, a selection of royal representatives will be taking part.

Aptly dubbed the Royal Poker Challenge, the elite event has reportedly attracted 48 entrants, including members of the "British, Danish, and Monaco royal families" who will be on display when the action gets underway on March 30.

Apparently the royal participants will be donating their "substantial appearance fees" to charity and the event's backer, the Rainbow Company Group, is a real estate giant with a philanthropic ethos.

With only three months before the event and such a ridiculous buy-in (and concept) we are skeptical that this event is actually going to happen. Could the Royal Poker Challenge be the ISPT of 2014? 

Pimping it Ivey style

Whether or not Phil Ivey is actually insolvent is still somewhat unclear, but if this recent picture is anything to go by then it seem he's not too concerned either way.

Snapped during a recent trip to Cabo, Ivey broke into a rare smile as he posed like a pimp with three senoritas and a glass of sex on the beach.

Chilling with Ivey

Question of the Day:

Do you think the $1 million buy-in Royal Poker Challenge is real or just a hoax/publicity stunt? 


Creeping to the top of the high stakes chart after breaching the six-figure profit mark in the last 24 hours was 'RaulGonzalez'. After playing through 230 hands the online grinder managed to bank $104,108 and finish the day ahead of 'Tight-Man1' ($95,607) and Dan Junglemandan Cates ($80,299).

Failing to stem the flow of cash away from his bankroll on Monday night was Alexander 'PostflopAction' Kostritsyn. Finishing the session worse off than Ben 'Sauce1234' Sulsky (-$77,838) and Kyle 'KPR16' Ray (-$95,817), Kostritsyn had to accept a place at the top of the daily loss chart thanks to a $99,929 deficit.


Daily Signoff

With the EPT looking ahead to its 100th event, we thought we'd finish today with this dramatic bubble hand featuring Johnny Lodden, Steve O'Dwyer and Vasil Firsau. 

By Daniel Smyth

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  • MJPerry


    Queen Elizabeth: "One is all-in."
  • Riverdiver


    I'd be pretty pissed if they did it, cause they'd just be gambling away tax money
  • BarryCarter


    I think it's a publicity stunt and ain't happening. No way they would get enough interest in the short time frame allowed and the casino at Sydney is pretty bad for poker. Melbourne or Macau I may have taken notice.
  • JimC6


    Could be real, my money would be on Princess Beatrice being the British representative.
  • junfandan


    I go with real but the likelihood is that it will be the cast of the royal family playing a play money home game
  • badgerer


    prince william is in. someone told him it was strip poker.
  • alphabeat


    On the thumbnail, is that.. king joffery?
  • BarryCarter


    Yes it is
  • richard1817


  • Johnis


    Gus is not on the list today, something new !