Shane Schleger admits 15-year crack habit

In today's we find out how crack helped Shane Schleger have his best year in 2013 and cancel this year's NBC Heads-Up Championship.

Schleger's crack habit

Shane on a high in 2013
Former PokerStars Team Online pro Shane Schleger has an addiction to crack cocaine according to a self-penned article on

Writing openly about how he was "taught to cook and smoke crack" when he was 21, Shane describes his use of the drug as "varied" over the last 15 years.

Stopping short of calling himself an addict - preferring to refer to his "problem" as a "habit" - Shane paints himself as an experimentalist who has shifted from "three months of daily usage" to abstinence since 1999.

One of the most intriguing parts of the article is when Shane explains how he smoked more crack last year than ever. Interestingly, though, 2013 was the "best year of [his] life" as he hit a peak in his poker career and got married.

Although Shane is now taking time away from poker to focus on his writing, he does say that he "expects to smoke a lot less crack in 2014" as he looks to build a life back in the US.

NBC cancels Heads-Up Championship

No event in 2014
The NBC Heads-Up Poker Championship won't be taking place this year according to Mori Eskandani.

The President of POKER PROductions recently told Pokernews that the TV tournament hasn't been commissioned by the American network; however, he did state that the event isn't going away completely.

Although he refrained from saying too much, Eskandani promised that there will be some "exciting news" about the event later this month.

Whether this means that another TV channel will be sponsoring the championship is unknown, but if past popularity is anything to go by then it's likely we could see the tournament continue to thrive.

Pros awarded in London

Congratulations PokerTracker
(Image: Bluff Europe)
Following in the sparkling footsteps of this year's Oscars, the British Poker Awards took place inside London's Hippodrome Casino last night.
Featuring a wealth of talent from across the UK and Europe, the ceremony was a mixture of drinking, partying and praise for the likes of PokerTracker.

The tracking tool won the award for the Best Poker Software provider and following the accolade, the guys behind the product said it was an "honour to be nominated" and to win was "truly special".

Also picking up trophies for their efforts in 2013 was Sam Trickett (Best Live Cash Player), Barny Boatman (Performance of the Year) and Daniel Negreanu (Best International Player).

Question of the Day

"Is it possible to be a high performing poker player with any type of drug habit?"


Ben Tollerene made a positive start to February in the last 24 hours with a $535,616 profit. The bumper haul was enough to put him well ahead of the day's other big winners: 'TeamRaute' and Viktor Blom.

Suffering at the hands of Ben's recent surge was Alexander Kostritsyn and Hac Dang. The two online pros were unable to overcome Ben in the latest round of high stakes PLO battles and eventually logged off with deficits of $271,158 and $227,788 respectively.


Daily Rewind

We know it's probably a fake, but it's still a pretty cool advert for Rafa Nadal's ability to hit cards when he needs to.

By Daniel Smyth

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  • MJPerry


    Haha what the hell?

    Crack is so not a balla drug, I just don't associate it with poker players at all.
  • Rihard4a


    Hit your 5 bets friends

    This might send wrong message...
  • acerbikas


    I do not actually think talking about crack or drugs in general in public circles (albeit anonymous) is a good thing. While I do understand him wanting to speak out, I see absolutely no merit in this whatsoever.
  • SirTradeAlot


    up in smoke, thats where my money goes ... in my lungs ...
    und sometimes up my nose ...

    who remembers this song? :)
  • luckyme44


    Everyone should know that maintaining the most stoic, zen-like attitude possible is normally the most reliable in terms of steady profit..
    I believe it's possible that some ppl could need these drugs to put them in an optimal state for playing on certain rare occassions and cases.

    I honestly only smoke a little herb and notice when I'm on it I have no tilt problems but I might not care enough and I definitely don't think about as many variables involved in the hand when I'm high on herb.. I suppose Stimulants and other uppers are a different story then..
  • LemOn36


    yeah cocaine is a balla drug no?
    I mean it seemed like it in Wolf of Wallstreet :)
  • oskrgy


    FRom what I see what dailly usage of crack does to human body, this dude looks quiet nice.However I do agree that there is nothing good to come out of stores like someone said before me it deffo sends wrong message.
  • badgerer


    stars cancels sponsership deal in 3... 2... 1...
  • Paddii


    We all have our demons
  • metza


    "expects to smoke a lot less crack in 2014"

  • MJPerry


    Having read the piece, he's in denial not describing it as an addiction but then again he is literally on crack so...
  • jbpatzer


    So Matt, which drugs would you say are balla?
  • gadget51


    Another, 'I'm not an addict I can give it up any time I like.' Muppet.