SharkScope introduces collusion detection feature

A new way to report suspected cheating has been introduced by the SNG tracking site.

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While poker sites often make restrictions on third party datamining, one of the benefits of such a practice is it helps to detect cheating. This certainly seems to be the case for SharkScope who have introduced a collusion detection feature. 

SharkScope is a third party website that tracks the results of SNGs. It can tell you how much a player has won and also has a rankings system for SNG grinders (which includes shark icons and fish bowls). 

Probably the biggest problem SNG regulars face in terms of cheating is collusion, where two or more players will work together and communicate away from the table, to ensure they both make it to the money. 

Sharkscope's new feature can identify when two players have disproportionate winning results in games where they share a table. In any single game you cannot catch two players in the act but if you suspect collusion, subscribers to SharkScope can find their game in the database and click a 'Detect Collusion' feature. 

When this feature is selected it will set off a process where the previous games where the two suspects shared a table are analysed. If they appear to be working together, the security team of the poker site will be notified. There is also a feature to report suspected chip dumping.

Sharkscope collusion detection
The collusion detection option (no collusion was found in this game) courtesy of SharkScope

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Comments (3)

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  • jmackenzie


    do you know if people who have chosen to hide their sharkscope will be affected? it would seem kind of pointless if they are not...
  • GingerKid


    it is all kind of pointless. Casinos should detect collusion themself and not wait until users use illegal software to detect collusion.
  • mariale1990


    This is grate!
    Some people are very blatant and do not respect the game