Sorel Mizzi's life threatening prop bet

In today's Daily Rewind we find out about Sorel Mizzi's potentially fatal prop bet and see how you can bag a bargain at PokerStars.

Mizzi's endurance bet

Unrealistic prop bets might be common in the poker world, but this weekend Sorel Mizzi appeared to take things too far when he accepted a potentially dangerous swimming bet.

Currently grinding SCOOP tournaments in Brazil, Mizzi was laid odds of 3:1 on a $10,000 wager that he couldn't swim from Ipanema Beach to an island in the distance.

The estimated distance of the swim is 5km, but with choppy waters and other unknown obstacles lurking underneath the surface many friends pleaded with Mizzi to buy out.

Long distance sea swims are notoriously dangerous and while the likes of Liv Boeree called for the use of a "support boat" if the bet takes place, Sorel seemed to ignore those concerns.

Indeed, despite the fears of his followers, Sorel is still keen to complete the bet and in the last 24 hours he tweeted that he's willing to risk a further $10,000 at 3:1 that he navigate from shore-to-shore.

Sorel's mission

Boyd's book reviewed

Some positive reviews
Dutch Boyd has finally released his "tell all" poker book thanks to a successful Kickstater campaign.

Having started his fundraising efforts back in 2013, Boyd eventually exceeded his $5,000 target and completed the book earlier this year.

So far the book has had three 5-star ratings on Amazon, but by far the most interesting analysis came courtesy of Layne Flack.

In amongst the praise lavished on Boyd's efforts by the likes of Nolan Dalla and Jeff Madsen, Flack's review stands out:

"I haven't had time to look at it. I'm sorry. Quote something for me and I'll stand by it." - Layne Flack.

Quite why Boyd chose to include this on the back cover is unclear, but at least it shows that the writing process hasn't diminished his sense of humour.

PokerStars' flash sale

PokerStars will be holding a "flash sale" next month and when the promotional period begins you'll be able to bag a bargain or two in the VIP store.

Kicking off at 05:00 ET on June 5 and running through until June 8, the sale will offer discounts on many items in PokerStars' VIP Point Store from sunglasses and headphones to leather jackets and sports equipment.

There will only be a limited number of sale items on offer and to get a piece of the action you need to click on "Flash Sale" in the VIP Store.

Question of the Day

"Do you think Sorel Mizzi's bet is a step too far given the potential dangers he could face in the sea?"


After weeks of sustained losses, Gus Hansen mounted a mini-comeback last night with a $546,668 win. The Dane banked some of the biggest pots of the day at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables, including a $64,000 win with 2c3c4h5s7h against Chun Lei Zhou, to top the daily leaderboard.

Suffering at hands of Hansen's latest run were Hac Dang and the aforementioned Zhou. While Zhou dropped $176,148 over the course of 1,395 hands, Dang topped the latest loss table with an overall deficit of $413,634.

Gus Hansen
Alex Luneau$161,346
Hac Dang
Chun Lei Zhou$176,148

Daily Signoff

For today's Daily Signoff we watch Sorel Mizzi demonstrate the kind of misguided confidence that's led him to accept a risky prop bet.

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Comments (6)

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  • JimC6


    I'd take Sorels side on that bet.
  • JimC6


    also it is so amazing how much Gus has lost now that a $546,668 winning day is only considered a "mini comeback".

    That would be life changing money for me!
  • cozacu


    10% of that would be life changing for many people
  • MJPerry


    #1 I dunno anything about Sorel's athletic ability but there's a huge difference between swimming 50x 100m lengths in a pool and swimming 5km in the sea.

    He's super-confident though so I wouldn't be too up for betting against him, either.
  • chenny8888


    not great to bet against him here. Without a support boat following, Sorel's most likely way of failing the bet would be drowning, and how's he gonna pay out if he drowns??
  • DannyJQ


    What do you mean "seemed to ignore those concerns." ?

    Sorel Mizzi ‏@sorelmizzi May 16
    will be a support boat if I touch bet is over and I lose