Talking self-help and new ventures with Fedor Holz

We have an exclusive chat to the legendary Super High Roller about self-improvement, not grinding 24/7 and his mindfulness app Primed Mind.

Fedor Holz web summit
Fedor giving a talk at Web Summit last year

Fedor Holz is widely considered the best mind in poker today and already sits seventh in the All Time Money Rankings with $26,701,371 despite being just 24 years old. Today we spoke to him about how he worked on his mindset - stay tuned to later this week for a free chance to follow in his footsteps.

These days I see you just as much in mainstream media as I do poker media, what has it been like being ‘actual famous’ rather than ‘poker famous’?

Fedor ‘Crownupguy’ Holz: I wouldn’t consider myself to be ‘actual famous’, but I enjoy a different input. I like to talk to talk to people with a diverse background from different backgrounds, it’s refreshing.

You do a lot more than just poker now, what do you tell people you do when you meet them?

Fedor ‘Crownupguy’ Holz: I tell them that I run a start-up called Primed, because that’s what I spend most of my time on now.

Do you feel whenever you have a mainstream media interview it is your job to make sure poker is represented fairly?

Fedor ‘Crownupguy’ Holz: I don’t consider it to be my job, I’d do it, because I generally believe things should be represented objectively including different perspectives.

"I'll be a top player for some time"

Fedor Holz poker
"I plan to play some big High Rollers this year."

What are your plans and goals for poker now that you have so many other things going on?

Fedor ‘Crownupguy’ Holz: I plan to play some of the big High Rollers throughout the year in Melbourne, Macau, Barcelona and Vegas.

Is poker more fun when it isn’t the only thing you do?

Fedor ‘Crownupguy’ Holz: It’s definitely easier to emotionally distance myself from losing, but I had a lot of fun when I played full time.

Are all your other projects hurting your poker game, at least in the sense that your opponents have more time to improve?

Fedor ‘Crownupguy’ Holz: Yes, there are some very smart players out there that are constantly working on their game, but I’m confident that I’ll belong to the top players for quite some time.

From following you for a long time you have always been reading a lot and self-improving – other than your app, what books or self-help resources do you recommend to people?

Fedor ‘Crownupguy’ Holz: I can recommend “Blinkist”, it’s an app with 15 minute summaries of lots of different books. One of my favorite books I recently read is “Mastery” and I’ve heard great things about “Ego is the Enemy”, which I plan on reading soon.

"Poker helped my decisons in real life"

Fedor Holz poker
Fedor's app 'Primed'

Did getting good at poker trigger broader self-improvement for you, or did getting good at self-improvement make you a better player?

Fedor ‘Crownupguy’ Holz: I think it’s a constant circle, so I’d say both.

What skills has poker given you that is helping you with all your other pursuits?

Fedor ‘Crownupguy’ Holz: A relatively strong and reflected decision-making process and to not be strongly results-oriented.

What made you want to develop the Primed Mind app? There are already a lot of mindfulness/meditation apps out, what was missing from them?

Fedor ‘Crownupguy’ Holz: I tried a lot of different things and had a very strong positive reaction to Elliot’s coaching. He then created specific tapes for me and my poker career and I wanted to make this available for more than just myself.

When did you start doing mindfulness/meditation yourself and how did it change your poker/life?

Fedor ‘Crownupguy’ Holz: I started working with Elliot about two years ago and coincidence or not, I had a lot of success since then. He helped me to focus better through long sessions and to trust my intuition, specifically in big live situations.

Are you interested in mindfulness? Stay tuned to later this week for a chance to win a free subscription to Primed Mind.

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