The 12 labours of Arlie

We recap some of the best videos of the week including Lex's WCOOP highlights and goodbye (for now) to a YouTube icon.

Lex vs Arlie

Twitch star Arlie Shaban is embarking on 'The 12 labours or Arlie' - similar to the 12 labours of Hercules but presumably a lot more sitting in front of a computer is involved. The first labour was this week, and it was to beat Lex heads-up. 

A WCOOP to remember (or forget)

Given how bad Lex ran for most of WCOOP that doesn't seem like much of a stretch goal, here are some of his ups and downs throughout the series:

High stakes, high calories

Poker pros these days are known for following strict Keto diets, except for when they cheat, of course:

Check back of the year?

Time to revisit what may have been the biggest soul read of WCOOP, at least on stream:

Polk retires (for now)

Finally, we could not end this week without once again paying tribute to arguably the most influential YouTuber in poker after he called time (for now) on the game:

Who are you watching on YouTube? Let us know in the comments:

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