The greatest Twitch hands this year (so far)

Relive some of the craziest hands caught live on stream so far in 2018 - bad beats, great folds and lots of NSFW language.

The biggest win of his life

The beauty of Twitch is you capture real poker reactions which you simply do not see in other forms of broadcast poker, like this big moment for Arlie Shaban:

The slowroll

And that unique insight extends to the less heroic moments, like this fun two way perspective slowroll from Fintan Hand:

A big fold

Ok technically this was the very end of last year but this massive fold by Lex Veldhuis is an example of why he is so popular:

Slightly too big a fold

Not all folds are heroic, however:

The One Outer

Technically not a One Outer (or at least, not when the money went in) but this reaction was too good not to include:

Quads with an Ace Kicker...bitch

Just a friendly reminder that Lex is often NSFW but always entertaining:

Where's my bad beat jackpot?

This might be the most statistically unlikely hand ever caught on Twitch and as always David Lappin made it even more entertaining:

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  • nsavov


    Where's the one with Doug Polk betting 200bb (yes, effective) on the river into a 20bb pot with a bluff?
  • 5y1vinho


    Crazy gone AA vs AK hahahaha!