The most entertaining PokerStars televised hands

More sick hands from the PokerStars archive including big calls, big folds and big rivalries.

PokerStars Top 5 Fold

It's so much harder to make a big laydown on TV which is why these are all even more impressive:

PokerStars Top 5 Hero Calls

Equally as hard and equally embarrassing is when a Hero Call goes wrong, so hats off once again to these brave players:

PokerStars Top 5 Rivals

Just like in most sport behind every great player there is a great rival who helped define them:

PokerStars Top 5 Bluffs

It takes nerves of steel to bluff when there are millions on the line, but when you have the right table image, as the top rated bluff shows, it can prove really profitable:

PokerStars Top 5 Blow-Ups

There are no prizes for guessing who makes the top spot in this one....

PokerStars Top 5 Bad Beats

The best blow-up hand was so good they had to make it the best bad beat hand too:

PokerStars Top 5 Coolers

Bad Beats are when you have the best hand and lose, Coolers are when you have a monster but run into a bigger monster. Both suck:

Which was your favourite hand? Let us know in the comments. 

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  • Mooharius


    I have only watched the fantastic folds, but that was worth the time!