The poker tournament that's also a costume contest

We recap some stories you may have missed including how to spot card tricks, Maria Konnikova awards a Platinum Pass, and a streamed bad beat.

The RunItUp Costume Contest

If you are not aware of RunItUp Reno it is probably best described as one of the more fun, affordable, poker festivals aimed at fans of poker on Twitch. Hence it is full of the biggest streamers in poker like Lex Veldhuis, Jaime Staples and event founder Jason Somerville. 

To give you an idea of how it differs from other poker events, the Tag Team tournament had an extra element, a costume contest (presumably as Halloween is right around the corner) where the team judged to have the best outfit would win entry into a Platinum Pass freeroll. 

Check out the RIU Flickr library to see some more of the costumes. 

Kevin Martin Monk
Kevin Martin and partner looking for help from the poker gods
top gun poker
"I feel the need, the need, for a diamond on the river"
red riding hood poker
"Grandma, what big equity you have on the flop"

My Poker Story winner

Another Platinum Pass was won over the weekend in a vastly different manner, as Maria Konnikova and a panel of her poker peers have decided on the My Poker Story winner: 

The winner was a delighted Jacqueline Burkhart and you can see what a winning story looks like here:

Poker card room cheat tricks exposed

YouTube magician Chris Ramsey's latest video demonstrates how old school card hustlers would cheat at cards, much in the way Worm does in the movie Rounders. 

And before you get ideas, that doesn't end well for Worm in the movie and every card room in the world would be able to spot these tricks, so this is entertainment only:

We've all been here

I've had this happen, you've had this happen, this poor guy had it happen live on stream, we are all going to watch it anyway.....

What would you wear in the hopes of winning a Platinum Pass? Let us know in the comments:

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