This is how to react to a one outer

See the lows and the highs of poker all perfectly captured in 30 seconds in one of the most fun hands streamed on Twitch last week.

One of the great things about poker on Twitch is that we get to see real, unedited, unfiltered reactions to big wins and big losses, unlike in live poker where the players are (usually) on their best behaviour. 

This week's example is from streamer Arlie Shaban who thought all was lost in this hand, so much so that he looked away from his monitor in disgust. 

So when he looked up to see he spiked his only out on the river, the counter reaction was just as intense:

Have you seen a more fun reaction? Share the clip in the comments:

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Comments (14)

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  • CucumbaMan


    This is hilararious! He's in shock! :)
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    It's not a one outer when you are 78% to win at the moment of all-in. It surprises me how poker-related sites like pokerstrategy can even get this wrong. IF this video had shown this going going all in BEHIND on the Jack TURN, then he would have hit a one outer. In order to hit an out, you must be BEHIND at the moment of all in. He was ahead at the moment of all in so this whole post is pointless in my honest opinion.
  • nsavov


    #2 for a poker player who has to think logically, you missed the entire point of the video.

    The title is how to react to one outer. If you watch closely, his reaction IS to an one outer, after seeing the turn.

    But thank you for your explanation. Where would we be as poker players without quality discussions like these...
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    #3 lol I missed the point of the video I think you missed the point of my post I understood the video just fin; I understand that this guy is a noob who should have never seen the rivercard as a one outer IN THE FIRST PLACE (because hey it ISN'T) which you would have understood had you read my comment accurately. He was 78% to win when going all in, and it surprises me how few poker players are able to just stick to that fact all the way to the river card when going all in on the flop, instead of pretending that the turn is another street of action which it isn't when you go all-in on the flop. The fact that he reassessed the turn as if it was a seperate street of action is very amateurish. Ironic btw that you mention thinking LOGICALLY LOL whereas someone who actually thinks logically would know that this video was not a one outer and the player in the video shouldn't have regarded it as such; he should not have reassed his situation at the turn but I am well aware that perhaps only 1% of all players are capable of not doing this. When I go all in on the flop, I don't react to any turncard but just see the result when the river card is dealt and just stick to the all-in percentage I had on the flop. That is what thinking logically actually means. But I won't expect you to understand.
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    #3 just letting you know that this article is actually called "This is how to react to a one outer" so I stand by my statement 100% that this is an untrue statement and thus a pointless article because it is not a one outer, no matter how much this guy "sees it as one" or believes it is one.
  • nsavov


    That is very good! Good for you for standing by your statement.
    I didnt quite understood you the first time, so the second comment cleared some things up, although I still am not 100% sure about the thing you are talking about. Could you elaborate further?
    Is your role in this article to make it not pointless?
    Is poker supposed to be not fun?
    What if they put all but 1 chip on the flop and went all in for that 1 extra chip on the turn. Would that be a one outer in your eyes? What if it was 2 chips? Where is the treshold?
    Feel free to turn your answers into a pdf book for noobs like us to study from.
  • VorpalF2F


    Well, definitely a fun hand.
    I submit that yes, the hand is not a "one outer" in the strictest sense, however the hand is an emotional roller coaster.

    What we see in the video is a perfect example of how NOT to react to a win -- regardless of how few outs there are. After all, it is just another hand, and should be treated as such.

    Had he lost, would we expect him to weep and throw his mouse?
  • Kyyberi


    Guys, remember that sometimes poker can be fun. Especially while streaming, as streaming is always partially entertainment. Don't be so serious. :)
  • BarryCarter


    Its a one outer from his perspective after he lowers his head, which is why he screams 'its the one outer'.

    And yes, just a bit of fun :)
  • nsavov


    No, Barry you dont understand. He had 78% all in on the flop!!!
    Ugh, just keep an eye for the pdf, as Im sure it will clear things up for you.
  • prag0matic


    The guy sees the Jack hit and hangs his head because at that point he has one out. People arguing semantics need to lighten up, sheesh.
  • nsavov


    But, but... the 78%. All in on the flop. No bets on the turn. Equity favourite. Noob not serious about poker... Flying viking people.

    Didnt you people learn anything?

    Just wait for the pdf, it will be out soon enough.
  • BarryCarter


    We all understand it was not a one outer when the money went in.

    The drama which makes this hand fun is that it was a one outer when he thought all hope was lost.
  • DerErklarbar


    Its fun video (for some people at least ;) ). Lets treat as one.

    The oneout-discussion seems to be more on the side of questioning the definition of an out in a pretty nonproductive way. Nevertheless thx for sharing the video.t