UFC Spin & Go's coming to PokerStars?

We recap some stories you may have missed including the ultimate poker table, the ultimate card protector and ultimate fighting themed Spins.

UFC Spin & Go's?

pokerfuse have been sleuthing again and discovered another potential new game coming to the PokerStars client, UFC themed Spin & Go tournaments. 

It's hard to imagine how the Spin & Go format could change with a UFC theme, so it instead could be a standard Spin & Go with special prizes to mark the PokerStars partnership with the UFC. 

During the World Cup last year PokerStars had 'Spin & Goal' tournaments which were basically regular Spins with added sports betting prizes. 

UFC spin pokerstars
The potential UFC Spin & Go table (image courtesy of pokerfuse)

The best poker table ever?

We all have that one friend who has his own poker table making their house the 'go to' place for your home game, but now it looks like a three card monte tray compared this bit of luxury kit:

The best card protector ever?

While we are on the best poker gear ever, it was one thing to get a custom avatar to your favourite poker site, but this may be the ultimate bit of personalised kit for live poker:

Aces no good

We all complain that we never win with Aces, few of us get the chance to document it live on a poker TV show:

What do you think a UFC Spin & Go would entail? Let us know in the comments:

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