US sitcom about online poker coming soon

Billed as "An original series about hitting it big", Luckboxes explores grinding online at the height of the recession.


Luckboxes, a single camera situation comedy set around online poker from director Ryan Firpo, has released the trailer for its pilot.

The basic premise of the show is that it is a story about two brothers utilising online poker to save their childhood home from foreclosure.

How funny it is remains to be seen but, for poker fans, the good news is that there is enough pedigree in the team behind the show that it should, at the very least, represent poker authentically. Director Firpo is the man behind the 2013 documentary, Bet Raise Fold, while attached to the project in the Executive Producer role is none other than poker’s own Jason Somerville.

Firpo’s original documentary follows the story of the boom in online poker and the post Black Friday fallout. The comedy, which was written immediately after completion of the documentary, is based on a lot of the characters he met during the making of the film.

Described in the press release as “former athletes and computer nerds who won and lost millions of dollars on a weekly basis playing online poker before their 21st birthdays”, the new show hopes to tell their story in a humorous manner.

The plot

Set in 2009 in the midst of an international recession, two brothers, Ariel and Sean, are left looking for a second income in order to save creditors foreclosing on their home where they still live with their mother.

Working as a furniture salesman, Ariel is introduced to Zoe, an online high roller known as ‘durp’ who, from her mansion home, oversees a high-stakes professional poker empire where she bankrolls grinders including, you guessed it, the brothers.

The show promises to stick closely to real life poker, including features such as multi tabling, sponsoring, players rooming together, etc, but no word as yet where it will be streamed.

Will you be watching when the show reaches the UK?

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  • Mooharius


    Sounds interesting. Since it is not known where it will be streamed I guess the WHEN is also unknown?
  • Vitols666


    #1 Authors posted this on reddit, they asked people to share this on social networks to show support. As i understood they are only going to pitch this, so no company has actually bought this.