New WSOP Bracelet Model Revealed

This year's World Series of Poker will feature a new set of bracelets. Famous designer Steve Soffa has been selected as the official WSOP jeweller and you can see the new model below.

WSOP 2010  bracelet
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Harrah's Inc., owner of the WSOP brand, have picked up watch and jewellery designer Steve Soffa to create a new model or bracelets for this year's tournament series.

These bracelets will be awarded to the WSOP 2010 winners which will take place at the Rio Casino in Las Vegas. In an interview with Poker News Daily, Soffa revealed how he got to design the WSOP bracelets: "I was privileged enough to meet with Ty Stewart and become their official jeweller worldwide."

Last year's Main Event winner Joe Cada wore a watch designed by Mr. Soffa, who is also a keen poker player. "I'm extremely passionate not only about the game but also about what I do and I want to bring to the table my artistry into the tradition of the game," he added.

The World Series of Poker will start on the 28th of May with the $500 casino employee event. The $10,000 Main Event will start on the 5th of July, with the final table taking place in November, but the exact day is yet to be announced. The full schedule can be found here.

What do you think of the new WSOP bracelet design? Share your thoughts on this in the comments section.

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Comments (18)

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  • connect1337


    I have to agree with Patrik Antonius when talkin' about WSOP bracelets.
  • Jeffers16


    Idd. Incredibly ugly.
  • vhallee


    I don't wanna win a WSOP event anymore.
  • ExMagnusxL


    Hopefully they make it shinier else what's the point?
  • alberts1955


    it looks more suited for 3rd place not 1st place.
    1st place colour is gold and it should stay like that always
  • EmanuelC16


    Kinda looks like my grandma's watch. EPT trophies are fancier. Plus, we wouldn't see players like Hellmuth wearing their bracelets all the time, like they are not confident of how good they are. Just sayin', if you are good, you don't need to wear a bracelet. Like Johnny Chan said: I don't wear them, people already know I'm the best.
  • Hahaownedlolz


    Don't like it. why is it a bronze ish colour?

    It looks really cheap..
  • vhallee


    I think that WSOP is thinking in the players' interest. If you win one of these, you're famous. However, if you are famous, you might be in danger of getting robbed, right? Not anymore.

    Given the fact that the new bracelets look like they cost $12 and were made by a guy named Pablo, there are way lower chances of it getting stolen.

    Warning: having such a bracelet does not protect you from actual robbery.
  • EmanuelC16


    #8 Good one!
  • DecMate


    " think that WSOP is thinking in the players' interest. If you win one of these, you're famous. However, if you are famous, you might be in danger of getting robbed, right? Not anymore."
  • aceonetheriver


    ^^ lololol
  • Cardbender


    I just got one of these from the 25 cent machines at the grocery store.
  • swissmoumout


    that's not the new bracelet design. It's obviously at an early stage of production, before they apply gold/platinum/whatever coatings and whatnot.
    Actually, depending on how they finish it, it might look better than the old ones. Well, it probably will anyway, those Corum ones were really bad imo
  • Agiz19


    they were ugly b4 and now even more...
  • Rikardovsky


    Yeah, poor design... :/
  • AdamLaw33


    vhallee your hilarious.. i would love to win and would like to know why a bracelet? Anyone??
  • stanvlad


    well i never had a wsop bracelet even tough i want one, it does look ugly but i dont think the wsop main event prize is running around that bracelet, theres an 8 milion $ prize beside that bracelet ? so vahlee dont let that ugly bracelet keep u from winning ^^
  • nielcliff


    5.99 off eBay? Fix up WSOP!