Watch Jungleman crush the Global Poker League

The surprise hit of the first week of the Global Poker League was how dominant, informative and entertaining Daniel Cates was.

If you missed it last week, the debut of the Global Poker League was a big success. Viewers found the format exciting, entertaining and educational in equal measure, as teams of the best players from around the world competed against each other live on Twitch. 

In particular the fact that we get to see all of the players at home on a webcam, reacting to and commenting on their online poker player, has proved potentially quite a transformative moment in the way elite online poker is broadcast. 

The player who shined in Week 1 was undoubtably Daniel 'Jungleman' Cates of the Berlin Bears, who was both incredibly informative and incredibly funny in his stand-out match against ElkY. Viewers were transfixed and if you missed it, you can be too below (Skip ahead to 2:46 if you don't want to watch the entire week of matches) - no spoilers!

The GPL returns this week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and we will be hosting the Twitch stream on our homepage.

Did you watch the first week of the GPL? What did you think about it? Let us know in the comments. 

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Comments (7)

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  • tingozhu


    Jungleman can start a talkshow.
  • M1rCea


    very nice hand
  • MJPerry


    Thanks for getting me to skip to 2:46 instead of 3:10 and giving me the opportunity to listen to half an hour of dubstep.
  • M1rCea


  • domiBuu


  • pharcyo


    commentary is ridiculously bad.
  • mineriva


    No the commentary is so bad that I stopped watching. It would be better if we could just hear the occasional comment from the players. These commentators interrupts the players.