Watch Olivier Busquet vs JC Alvarado live

Tune in to watch the $270,000 MMA fight between the two poker pros everybody has been talking about.

It started with Olivier Busquet looking for a new challenge in his life and preparing to put up six-figures to do it. Fellow professional and MMA enthusiast JC Alvarado accepted the challenge, putting up $150,000 to Busquet's $120,000. 

Since then Alvarado has been training with an MMA champion and Busquet has gotten ripped, meaning we are likely in for a fight both men have put their all in for. 

It goes down tonight at Syndicates MMA Gym in Las Vegas, with the fight expected around 2AM CET. You can watch the fight right here: 

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Comments (1)

  • arcnagett


    poor guy, i felt sorry for him after the fight