Watch a drunk Doug Polk lose $300k

We round-up the best YouTube videos of the poker week, including pick up tips, angle shooting and cognitive biases.

Doug plays drunk

Never play drunk boys and girls, especially when your bankroll is such that you could lose the value of a house after one too many appletinis:

KidPoker talks angle shooting

Always putting himself in the middle of controversial topics, Daniel Negreanu did a deep dive into the topic of angle shooting recently:

How to get women in poker???

Ok, we are not so sure how seriously you should take this pick up advice from Joe Ingram:

In fact, it seems, not very seriously at all....

Liv Boeree on Big Think

In case you missed it, Liv Boeree proved her ambassadorial chops, yet again, this time explaining cognitive biases on Big Think:

Tonkaaaap wins big

As several of the biggest online festivals are taking place, and as he is an 888poker Pro, we had to show you Parker Talbot taking down an 888poker XL Eclipse even this weekt:

Who are you watching this week? Let us know in the comments:

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Comments (3)

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  • GrindingNajra


    Nice Tonkaaaap's stream :)
  • IvicaIliev77


    KJo should be just calling not jamming. I see those kind of plays in Spins a lot which burn EV in short stack play.
    In Doug's case, these guys are even tighter vs HU in Spins, so when they iso those straddles I expect nothing less then 77+ A9s+ ATo+ A2-A5s KJ+. If they have some bluffs it will probably be with some blocker effect like K2o or something like that but I highly doubt that from the line up and live cash game where people are in general tighter pre flop.
    So yeah, KJo is burning money as a jam but plays very good as a flat. Also vs such high iso size, in order to protect range, certain frequency of AA KK QQ (top hands) should also be just call to let opponent spew vs us post flop.
    With KJo just calling we will realize equity because opponent will check A high as showdown value and let us realize equity - which is another reason why KJo is a flat and not a jam.
  • RubyWesson