Week In Review: Did Cada have a better summer than Bonomo?

We recap what the poker world was talking about this week as well as a sick tournament series to watch out for next week.

Who were we talking about?

Who else would we talk about, even the week after the Main Event found a new champion, than Justin Bonomo? He officially had the biggest winning year in poker history (and it’s only July) with $24,945,435, won his 10th tournament of the year and became the all-time money leader in poker.

It does raise an interesting question though.....

What were we talking about?

I was going to write a big piece about this, but poker media must follow Jessica Welman summed it up in two tweets for me. If you forget all the money (and factor in how big a factor staking is especially in nosebleed games), did Joe Cada actually have a more impressive summer? 

It really is an apples to oranges comparison, it’s like comparing Usain Bolt to Michael Phelps. Super High Roller poker is vastly different to large field poker, with different skillsets for each.

I suspect the most mentally taxing and complex decisions were made by Bonomo because everybody he played against this year was world class, for that reason I still think he had the best year relatively as well as financially. No doubt he ran well, but the best poker played in 2018 had to be by Justin Bonomo.

However, what Cada did should not be ignored, surviving these large fields requires a lot of important skills, including the ability to adapt to a broader mix of players and mental endurance (and once again, a bit of run good). 

What were we watching?

For the second week in a row the biggest poker stream on Twitch, even bigger than the final WSOP streams, was actually somebody who is better known as a gamer 'ALOHADANCETV', who had over 120,000 viewers this week. Again, good for the game as he brings a new audience with him.

Understandably the most watched poker video this week was the final hand of the Main Event on the ESPN channel with over 300,000 views at the time of writing:

What to watch out for next week?

With the WSOP over you would think this is the start of a long break for the poker elite - not so. 

Next week there is a fantastic thing to watch, the latest Triton High Roller series, which last time not only featured two of the biggest televised pots ever, it also marked the return of Phil Ivey and short deck poker. It was really entertaining.

If that wasn't enough, the man himself Lex Veldhuis is officially commenting on the live stream and we will be running the stream here at PokerStrategy.com.

Just god help the rest of the players if Bonomo decides he wants to attend. 

Who had a better series out of Bonomo and Cada? Let us know in the comments:

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